Sunday, May 30, 2010

What's Black & White?

It's officially summer in Minnesota.  We've passed the 1-2 weeks where it's pleasant outside, and have moved into the hot and humid midwestern summer season.  This calls for some FUN in the SUN!  We were hoping that Ava would enjoy the water a little more this year than she did last year (I took her to several weeks of swimming lessons in a lap pool, where the temp of the water was just a wee bit too chilly.  It didn't go well for either of us.)  Plus, she has a new swimming suit I was anxious to have her try out, so at the very least, I knew she would look cute. :)

So, Daddy decided to set up the sprinkler for her one night after dinner.  This, too, did not go very well.  Perhaps it's because he sprung the sprinkler on her without warning, causing her to run to me, with fear in her eyes, and very wet hands...  After that, we never got her to come near the sprinkler (way to go, Daddy), and she decided to play with my potted flowers...with her very wet hands.  This is where my OCD needs to take a backseat and just let the child have fun!  (Deep breath in, deep breath out...)

Looking guilty for some reason...hmmmm.

Yesterday we had a better outdoor experience.  We filled up her little pool, brought out all of her toys, and even parked Mommy in a chair right next to the pool (feet in the water, of course), so Ava wouldn't be lonely.  This went great!  She had a great time splashing around, filling up the bucket, catching the toy fish with her net...until Daddy brought out the hose with the sprayer.  Seriously!  When will he learn?!  At least Ava was little bit more laid back and had fun hiding in her Cozy Coupe while Daddy misted her with the sprayer.

This is all leading up to our big outdoor pool experience coming up at the end of June.  We're visiting a friend's house with an outdoor pool, and if that goes well, SSP outdoor pool, here we come!  It's incredibly important to me that she is comfortable in the water, and it'd be even better if she actually liked it.  So, we'll just keep working at it!

It's been a really busy weekend outside of the water fun...I cleaned for 6 hours on Friday, and 8 hours yesterday.  Our house isn't even that big, so I'm not sure how I spent that much time cleaning.  I was working my way through the spring cleaning list, and now, I think there's a light at the end, thank goodness!  In the process, though, I have discovered one of Ava's punishments in the future when she misbehaves.  She's going to get to clean our oven racks.  Sheer it should do the trick.  :)

We're halfway through the long weekend, and we're looking forward to finally relaxing over the next few days.  We're going to see baby Charlie (and Megan and Erik, too, of course) tomorrow, and then on Tuesday, Ava and I are going to have lunch with my co-workers.  Should be fun!

Happy Memorial day - and don't forget to remember those that have given their lives for our freedom!

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Lisa said...

LOVE the swim suit! She looks so cute! (And I love the guilty look she's got going on there) As for the dirt mess, just remind yourself that she's outside in a swimsuit, so it's easy to hose the dirt off. :) That's what I do.

And I see she has a band-aid on her knee. We've had a lot of skinned knees these past few weeks too. But sometimes we've got a band-aid on just for decoration. Who wouldn't want to wear a Sesame Street band-aid just for fun?!?