Sunday, May 23, 2010

Tramps & More

And when I say "Tramps", surely you realize I'm talking about a trampoline, right?

We went down to Grand Meadow this weekend to visit our good friends, Darren, Tiffany, and Isabel.  Ava, of course, had to take a nap on the ride down there, so instead of napping at her regular time, she was up ALL afternoon - happy/sad/excited/meltdown/etc.  It was a long afternoon.  Scott was helping Darren build a garden fence, and then they went to chop some trees down, so Tiff and I had a chance to catch up with each other, and then play with the girls.

For those that don't know/remember, Isabel is 8-months older than Ava, and still, the age difference is so apparent.  Isabel played the part of the older child, and was teaching Ava how to take turns on the trampoline, as well as giving her hugs of encouragement on the slide. Every time we see Isabel, it's like seeing what Ava will be 8 months from's so much fun!

We had some dress-up time - pretty, pretty princesses!

We had some park time...this is where Ava had a lack-o'-nap-enduced meltdown, hence there is only a picture from the walk home...

We, of course, has some tramp time...if I was speaking for Ava, I'd say this was the highlight of her trip.

And my personal favorite, for which she'll hate me when she's 13:

And we finally had some bath/bed time...she kept trying to comb Isabel's hair, and finally decided to style her own into a Justin Bieber 'do.

This morning, they had a short time to play together before we left for home.  Don't let their serious faces fool you - they actually had fun playing together this weekend!

Here are a few pics from earlier this week...the one of Ava sleeping was just too cute to pass up.  Apparently, Scooter is also a pillow!

Scott was watering the front yard one night, and Ava got caught in the sprinkler.  Ooops!


Anonymous said...

Love the smooshed face! That's too cute! I really wish you guys lived closer (or actually I wish we lived closer). The kids would all have so much fun playing together!!

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