Sunday, July 3, 2016

The Early Bird

I realized that I skipped a chunk of pictures that I wanted to share...things were super busy last weekend, so we'll blame my lapse of memory on that! The focus was so much on Ava's party, that I neglected to share the family birthday photos, too.

Two weeks ago, we invited all of the grandparents over for a wonderful dinner of smoked prime rib (and other yummy sides), and then topped it off with a raspberry mojito birthday cake for the newly minted eight-year-old. We like to experiment with different birthday cake flavors for her birthday, and this one was MUCH better than the watermelon cake from last year (gross-gross-gross!)

Saying cheese with Grandpa Doug!

G and I took a break from the present pics to take some selfies ;)

Even his cars made an appearance!

Super excited to be receiving an aquascope!

And no birthday is complete without something from American Girl - this time is was a pizza party set - awesome!

We have also been blessed with some really great weather lately.  Yesterday, I bought a slip-n-slide, based on how much the kids loved the neighbor's version last weekend! I also picked up a badminton set (no net), and I think it's time to break out the croquet set from my parents...I was eyeing up a bocce set, too, but decided to ease slowly into the summer games. I do really enjoy bocce, though! My teammate (Ryan) and I didn't do very well in the bocce tournament at work this teammate from last year (Matt) was happy to hear that he couldn't easily be replaced!

Ava and I finally made it to the pool this year...turns out the best time to go is after dinner...we were guaranteed a chair!

It was a busy week at work, but a good one..very productive. Ava had a great week, as well. She spent the first two days with Grandma Deb and Grandpa Whitey, and then joined us again on Tuesday night. I decided it was time to find a children's clinic closer to home, so we went to a new doctor this week for her eight year check-up. She's super healthy, but she was encouraged to eat more vegetables! I love it when someone other than the parents lay down the law!

Speaking of healthy eating...two weeks ago, I came into work with a doughnut and a homemade cookie on my desk...two different Account Managers decided to give me food that day for my work on our shared projects.  Yes, PLEASE!

G had fun at daycare this week, too...he made an awesome tie-dye shirt one day, went to the Rosemount splash pad another day, and spent a lot of time at the park on the other days. They also had a tornado drill, which Ava thought was amazing...she is terrified yet also highly interested in tornadoes. In fact, when most kids picked cats or dogs for a research project last year, she and her classmate picked to learn about tornadoes!

This weekend has been so relaxing...we took it easy on Friday night, and while Scott and my dad worked on a new retaining wall in our front yard (!!), Ava and I leisurely bought absolutely everything at Target.  She had some birthday money to spend, and I realized that G still had a gift card from Christmas...he was super happy with the remote control car we brought home for him. The dogs were pretty interested,'s a toy that everyone can enjoy!

I woke up around 5am on Saturday, wide awake...I had almost 8 hours of sleep at that point, so decided to get up and enjoy the quiet morning.  I made some coffee, took a book out to the deck, and enjoyed the sunrise.  It was an AWESOME way to start my day!

Our new retaining wall - Scott has done a great job so far!

After the kids were in bed last night, we checked out a neighbor's new patio, and enjoyed some fireworks from down the street. We also met another couple in the neighborhood, who I think would be a hoot to hang out with! Turns out they own a restaurant in St. Paul that we've been to, but even better...their daughter is friends with Ava, and she had come to the party last weekend. This was truly a connect-the-dots kind of night!

We're going to go tree and shrub shopping today, and then will enjoy a low key dinner with my parents. We're hoping to check out a 4th of July carnival tomorrow in Eagan and then watch fireworks from our neighborhood. We have a great view of the Apple Valley fireworks from just down our street. Since it's late on a Monday this year, we thought it would be best to stay at home and make it an easy night.

Happy Birthday, America!

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