Sunday, March 9, 2014

Things on the Wall

We had Ava's spring conferences this past Wednesday...academically, she's doing wonderfully!  She's right where she should be, and reading at a higher level than average.  Almost every night she brings home a little book to read to Scott and me, and I often wonder if she has just memorized it, or if she's actually reading it.  Turns out, she's really reading it!  Her teacher told us we could test her by having her read the book backwards to us, so I did....and she did great! Her teacher also let us know that Ava picked out the Pledge of Allegiance sign that's hanging on their classroom wall.  She noticed that when they recite it, it ends with "for all"...and she saw that at the end of the sign, so she figured out that's what they were saying.  Such a smartie!  Turns out she's also a leader, which isn't a surprise to us...she's very social, not shy, and smart.  I think we have a dangerous combo on our hands...  The only problem is how much she talks.  Yeah, we're totally aware of that issue!!!

They didn't have school last Thursday and Friday (or tomorrow) so on Thursday, Ava went roller skating with the Kids Choice group.  I think she had fun as now she wants us to buy her roller skates!  Tomorrow they're going to pack meals for people who are less fortunate, and also make blankets (I think...)  I'm just happy that things are going well for her - although she challenges us daily, in the end, I think it'll be good that we have such a smart little kid on our hands!

Garrett had his four month check-up this week (12.68lbs, 25" - long and skinny!)  He's also doing well, but he ended up getting a low-grade fever from one of his vaccines.  Our provider was nice enough to let him stay the entire day, as she knew it was because he had his shots.  We're very thankful that people can be reasonable about those kinds of things!

I fed him rice cereal on Saturday morning and it went much better than when I tried a few weeks ago.  This time he acknowledged there was something different in his mouth, and he made an effort to smoosh it around and swallow it.  He pooped it all out within 5 minutes, but at least we're getting him used to the new texture. :)  And it was nice having him up at the table with us while we ate breakfast!

We FINALLY made the time to get some things hung up on the walls, get one of our TVs mounted, Garrett's video monitor up, etc.  Scott was teasing me about buying things to decorate the bathroom, so I told him it's my responsibility to bring the beauty into the house, while he can worry about the function.  And you know what?  He did a great job measuring/hanging everything so it looks nice!  We've got a long ways to go to get this house completely unpacked/decorated, but at least we're taking baby steps to get there.

Ava was having fun playing her princess piano for G.  Not sure he was so thrilled.

Hmm...interesting cereal...

What a great pic - thanks, Ava! ;)  (I'm tired.)

Helping Mommy make Grandma Goers' banana bread - so good!

Tonight, we're going to try some food from a new place in town...the House of Curry.  My friend, Emilie, is going to come over and we're going to get dinner to-go.  Looking forward to it - I've been craving curry/spicy food for a while, and I've heard this place is tasty.  Yum!

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