Sunday, March 2, 2014

Five-Day Week?

What's this?  Did Ava actually go to school five days in a row this past week?  Why yes, yes she did!  I had forgotten what that was like, but before I get too comfortable with the idea, it's a good thing school is closed this coming Thursday and Friday for conferences...  The only good news about that is that we'll be meeting with Ava's teacher to see how she's doing.  We're back on a green day kick, but I do want to talk to her about those red days that Ava had been "earning."  It might be working to have the goal of going to the Barbie Dreamhouse at the MOA - she only needs three more green days in a row, and she'll have earned that fun trip!

G has his four month appointment tomorrow, which Scott will be managing on his own.  Pretty sure he's due for some shots, so that should be fun!  It'll be interesting to see how much weight/height he has gained...I think he looks a lot longer, and now he has a double chin, so...something is working right. :)

G and Ava spent last night with Grandma Deb and Grandpa Whitey - it was G's first overnight away from us!  We took advantage of the kid-free time to have a nice dinner out.  The wait for a table was about an hour, so we cozied up to the bar, and ended up making friends with the people we were sitting next to.  I actually ended up trying some of her food, and even the bartender thought we were there as a group, and brought us a sample drink to share.  Before we knew it, 1.5 hours had flown by and we were finally being seated.  The manager felt bad that we waited so long to be seated and bought us an appetizer - which was amazing! It was a great atmosphere, good eats, and even new "friends" - all around, a very fun experience.  I talked Scott into making a longer night of it, and we went out for more drinks and pulltabs at a bar in town here.  Might as well live it up, since we didn't have any short people demanding attention from us!  We both had a lot of fun last night - it was a good reminder to take time to hang out with each other, sans children.

Yum, yum - red velvet pancakes!

Making pizza for dinner one night...look at that adoring face from Ava.  Pretty sure she was posing for this picture...

Another round of "this is real life photos"...

Both kids look scrunchy, and G's telling a hilarious joke to Butterfly.

Non-stop open-mouthed sounds from both of them.  Awesome!

At least Butterfly is looking at the camera...

This what happens when you leave a Boppy unattended, and within a dog's reach.  Cuddle up, Lucky!

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