Sunday, January 5, 2014

Well, Hello 2014...So Glad You're Here!

Whew...we survived 2013!  What's funny is that I remember at the end of 2012, saying I was so happy THAT year was over, and how much better 2013 would be.  Parts of 2013 were fantastic, while others were a bit too much to handle.  So, 2014 should be a bland experience by comparison.  Right?!

We had a very nice final week of the year...we hosted a little party for New Years Eve.  It was wonderful catching up with good friends who we hadn't seen in a really, really long time.  Plus, our guest bedroom was used for the first time - it's nice that we can now host people and give them a place to spend the night, if they're from out of town!

Levi and Garrett - the two tux boys!

And there's Charlie (Levi's older brother)!

The rest of the week went by very quickly.  Scott took Thursday and Friday off, so it's been full of family time for the last several days.  Tomorrow, Ava *should* be going back to school, but due to the serious-not-kidding-you-ARCTIC temps that Minnesota will be facing, the governor has closed all schools in the state tomorrow.  One more day of winter break for Ava...lucky her!  Scott and I were laughing at the people they interviewed on the news about this school closing..."Oh, yes, the kids were supposed to go back tomorrow.  I guess that's exciting..."  Yet, their faces lacked any hint of excitement. :)  I didn't realize what a strain it was to entertain a 5 year old for two weeks (and now 1 day more!)  I tip my hat, once again, to all of the teachers and childcare providers who take care of kids all day long.  I could not do it.

We had a fun play date with about 20 neighborhood kids last week...and I got to meet a few more neighbors.  Ah, this is a great place to live! Can't wait until it's nice enough to spend some time outside and get to chat with them some more!

Yesterday, Scott took Ava ice fishing for the first time.  They caught about 10 fish, but only kept 6 or so.  For the most part they had fun - no one fell down any ice holes, or got burned by the heater.  Those were my two biggest concerns.  And I think Ava had fun.  And I had a great day with just G.  He and I took down all of the Christmas decorations, and even took a few naps.  It was a perfect way to spend a QUIET Saturday!

Getting ready to catch some fishies!

Imagine my surprise when I opened the basement door this morning, and these little guys were sitting there.  They are (still) frozen, so Scott is thawing them out before taking care of them...

This morning started off with lovely mimosas and pancakes, and this afternoon, we're dropping G off with Grandma Deb and Grandpa Whitey so we can take Ava to see Frozen (how appropriate considering it's -6F right now!)  I've heard great things about this movie, and it's been a while since just the three of us have done anything, so it should be fun!

Two weeks left before I go back to work...where has the time gone?  G is almost 10 weeks old, and will have his 2-month checkup later this week.  I have mixed feelings about going back to work...I will miss spending my days with G, but I am ready to start using my brain again for other things.  And to talk to adults during the day.  We'll see how I feel about all of this after my first week back is done...

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