Sunday, January 19, 2014

One More Day

Last Sunday, we had fun celebrating Christmas with Scott's mom and Whitey.  It was nice and low-key...just perfect after the busy times we have had over the last several weeks.

Ava was exploring the contents of her stocking...and G's!

Little G made a haul - if only he could lift his head up to see it all! ;)

Grandma Deb was NOT pinching you - no tears allowed, buddy!

There must have been something really good on tv!

This was my last full week at home before heading back to work (I go back this coming Tuesday,) so I really needed to focus on get more things knocked off our project list.  And I did!  I love those days where so much gets accomplished...  Ava didn't have school on Friday (or tomorrow), so she and I headed over to the neighbor's house for lunch on Friday, and then Ava went back on Friday evening to play a bit before dinner.  I feel like we're really settling in here...Scott and Ava played outside yesterday in the snow, and when I peeked out the window, they were chatting with some other neighbors.  Such friendly people here!

As an added bonus, my friend Corinne came over for a visit on Thursday afternoon.  I had fun picking her brain for decorating ideas, and I (hope) she had fun getting in some snuggles with G.  Can't wait to have more friends over - I love getting people's help with decor brainstorms!

Ava's class is going to see a play in Minneapolis this week - she's pretty excited!  Overall, she's still doing well in school; however, she got a "red day" last week.  She generally gets green days, or when she talks too much, she gets yellow.  But...not this week.  She was talking (of course) but she and two other girls were also playing in the bathroom.  It's hard getting the full story out of a 5-year old, but she has a great teacher, so we got a bit more detail.  Let's just say that Ava hasn't had her tablet since that incident!

Sometimes it's best to let her wear what she wants...this was her "fruit day" selection - a pineapple shirt and cherry pants.  And two tattoos. And three bracelets, and one choker.  One day we'll discuss the "less is more" concept, but for now, she's having fun!

Garrett is continuing to do well...sleeping through the night, self-pacifying by sucking on his fingers/thumb, and reaching out for objects in his line of sight.  He gets frustrated when he can't reach his mobile, but when he's not trying to touch it, he's having fun smiling at it.

Chillin' with Mom in front of the fireplace

LOVE the concerned look on his face...and the outstretched arm!

Wish us luck in the coming week...big changes for both G and me!  Plus, Ava's excited to see her friends again from the before-school Kids Choice program.  Looks like we'll finally be able to get back into a normal routine!

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