Sunday, April 7, 2013


We had a wonderful Easter gathering with Scott's family last weekend...even though the weather was a little cooler than it has been for the last few Easters, the kids still got outside and ran off some of that Easter sugar.  The adults probably should have done that, too, since we all seemed to eat so much food while we were there!

This year Easter was really fun for us...Ava totally participated in coloring the eggs, and she couldn't wait to find all of the eggs hidden in the house.  Once again, she looked in places that I thought would have been too hard...the EB really needs to step it up for next year!

It was also a busy week of looking at houses, meeting with a builder, and moving forward on the housing adventure!  We decided on a lot in Rosemount this past weekend and have put a verbal hold on it.  We need to see if one other lot in the development could fit a three car garage, and if so, we'll need to see if we can purchase that one instead.  That should be wrapped up this week, if all goes well.  It's exciting, though, as we have decided on a seems that it's finally shaping up - and we may have this completed by summer's end!  In the meantime, we've started to see what the options are for temp housing...trying not to panic, as I know it will all work out.  It's just weighing on the back of my mind - but not too heavily.  Yet.  Ask me in a week how I'm doing. :)

One of the best things about this week is that the snow is almost all gone!  It's a cool 52 degrees out right now, but the sun is shining.  Scott raked up the yard, and Ava's been cruising the alley on her bike.  I'm actually really happy to see her so excited to be riding, as at the end of last summer, she appeared to be lukewarm about hopping on her bike.  Maybe those few extra inches she has grown is helping her confidence a bit!

This week we have two playdates lined up in the evening for with Catherine, and one with Ellie and Lydia.  Crossing fingers that it'll be warm enough that maybe they can be outside for a bit!  Even better for me is that I have a playdate with my friend Tiffany on day!  Ava and Scott will drive down separately for the evening, so Tiff and I can hang out and catch up for a bit.  Can't wait!  There are lots of really fun and great things to look forward to in the coming weeks! 

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