Sunday, May 15, 2011

Like Mother, Like Daughter

We had a wonderful Mother's Day last Sunday...after we picked up Ava from Grandma Deb and Grandpa Whitey's house, we were able to spend the afternoon together as a family.  That night, we went back to Deb and Whitey's house for a Mother's Day dinner.  It was a relaxing way to end a great weekend!

Ava and I managed to dress alike on Mother's Day totally by accident.  We actually had similar shirts to wear that were bought specifically for Mother's Day, but it completely slipped my mind after the busy weekend we had had!  Ava wore her adorable Mother's Day shirt this past week, so we were just a few days late - sorry Mom!!!

Sometimes it's hard to get people to look at the camera.  Notice Ava's tongue.

Well, one looking is better than none, I guess!

There we go!

Rockin' out

The weather is GORGEOUS right now!  Sunny blue skies, in the high 70's, with a slightly cool breeze.  And Ava suggested we come inside to watch The Little Mermaid.  Sigh...  We watched Tangled yesterday (took us 3 tries to get past the first 45 minutes, but we did it!), and we watched Tinkerbell this morning.  I might be done with Disney movies for a bit...!

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Lisa said...

Cute picture of you and Ava! And she looks pretty serious about playing that guitar. :)