Sunday, May 22, 2011

I'll Take Terrible Twos Anyday...

I have no pics this week.  Partly because we, once again, were too busy to have a lot of fun.  Also partly because Ava's been a real handful, and had there been any pictures, they would have been of me getting angry, Scott losing patience, and Ava bossing everyone around. 

I don't know what happened to my sweet little girl. This intruder who has taken over my child's body is demanding, bossy, sassy, and downright mean at times.  More than once this week, I've heard, "Get away, Mommy.  I don't like you.  I only want Daddy."  I can only imagine what she will be like when we hit the teen years!

One tiny, fun little story from this week - we did manage to make it to the playground one night after dinner.  It was packed with kids - running around like they hadn't been outside in FOREVER!  Oh wait - this is HAS been months since they could play at the park! 

Ava quickly made a little friend, and they had a grand time running around.  At one point, we heard the other little girl introduce herself to Ava.  Peyton (the little girl) then asked Ava what her name was.  Ava's response?  "My name is Jessica."  At which point, both Scott and I gave each other a weird look.  Jessica?  Ava doesn't know anyone named Jessica. 

5 minutes later, we saw the little girl running after Ava yelling, "Jessica, Jessica!"  And then a random little boy ran by, pointed at Ava, and told us "That's Jessica!"  I tried to correct the misconception, but, it was all in vain. 

Later that night, I asked Ava if her name was Jessica.  She gave me the oddest "you crazy" look, and said, "No, my name is Ava!"  I asked again a few nights later, and still got the same response - so I thought Jessica was gone. Until the other night, Ava pointed at me, and told me that I was Jessica.

The only possible explanation is that they play with dolls at daycare, and sometimes Savannah (a little girl who goes to daycare with Ava), names her little baby, Jessica.

The rest of the stories I have from this week are not fun.  Or cute.  They often end with tears, and an increase in blood pressure. 

Here's to hoping for a better week - with the weather, and the attitudes!


Lisa said...

Oh... we've had days like that too. I try to remind myself it's just a phase and this too shall pass. And it usually does. I know that with the whole potty training thing we've had issues with D acting out. Maybe that could be it? I do believe there was a full moon this week too... :) Hang in there, Mom and I hope this "phase" passes quickly. It's no fun for anyone.

Jean said...

Sounds like you are talking about a day in our house. Sooooo not fun. We HAVE to get together when I am in town and share stories over some wine ;-)

Katie said...

We are having more troublesome days than not lately. It's so hard to not lose my temper, and I usually end up doing it. But then 10 minutes later she's her sweet self. Good luck!