Monday, May 25, 2009

Farmer Ava

The weather has been beautiful the last week, so we have spent a lot of time outside. Scott had Ava outside with him for most of Saturday afternoon, and when we gave her a bath on Saturday night, we noticed she had a little farmer's tan on her arms! I'm very happy to see that it looks like she tans easily (like Scott) and doesn't burn (like me.)

We had a pretty gross experience with Ava on Saturday afternoon...something that we will bring up to her when she's older and she brings her boyfriend over to meet us. HA! I was feeding her lunch, with the intent of changing her after lunch, and then putting her down for a nap. All of a sudden, I noticed she was very quiet and focused on something...I had no idea what it was. And then I checked her hands, which were happily digging in her dirty diaper. There was pooh everywhere by the time we got her cleaned up...on her high chair, all over her, all over her clothes. It was so gross. I'm just happy that we were at home, and we were both here...I couldn't imagine cleaning that up alone! UGH!

On Sunday, we attempted to go to Como Zoo in St. Paul with Lisa and Dylan, but it was packed full of people. We couldn't even find a parking spot, so we decided to head out to Woodbury to go on a walk and play in some parks out there. It was a much more relaxing experience than if we had attempted to stay at the zoo!

Last night we went over to Grandma Deb's for a BBQ. Ava spent the night, which means we got to sleep in this morning, AND, Ava is spending all day with Grandma Deb, so Scott and I will have a chance to get stuff done around the house, go shopping, and go see a movie later on. YEAH! I think we're both excited to have some free time to ourselves!

There was one night she didn't sleep very well, so when I had to wake her up the next morning, she was exhausted. I just thought this position was so cute. All curled up in a little ball.

We broke out the bubbles, and Ava was having fun watching them blow by her. I'd catch a few on the wand for her so she could touch them. She was very surprised when they kept popping. Daddy did a GREAT job blowing bubbles - he's a natural!

These are probably my favorite pics...Ava was crawling on our patio, and she crawled up in the bottom of her excer-saucer. Next thing we knew her arms were coming up the leg holes, and she was standing up. We laughed so hard, but by the end, she was very frustrated, so we had to rescue her. Too funny.

Happy Memorial Day!


Jean said...

I love those pics of her with the exersaucer. Those are priceless! Glad you're having nice weather; we've had nothing but rain and it's getting old!

Lisa said...

Love the exersaucer pics! I'm not sure why, but the bottom of those things are very attractive to the little ones! We'll have to try the zoo another time- maybe if you have a day off during the week? :)