Sunday, November 20, 2016

Avoiding Procrastination

Last Sunday, I knocked out a big part of the Christmas shopping for this season.  Feels good to get it done!  My mom and I went to the yuuuuuge Canterbury craft show, and enjoyed a fun mom-daughter afternoon.  I'm so glad my parents have moved here - I feel so fortunate that we have the chance to see them so frequently.  Had I never moved thousands of miles away from them after I graduated from high school, I don't think I'd have this profound appreciation for now having them close.  It just took 20+ years to get to this space!

We found this awesome toy bow & arrow set for G for Christmas...he will love it! (And so will Ava, and Scott, and me...!)

Intertwined with the good feelings of being productive (at home and at work), we had a little bit of a negative.  G has been fighting fevers for the last 2 months or so.  He'll have an elevated temp, and then it'll be gone within a few other symptoms.  Finally, we decided that enough is enough...time to take him to the dr to do some additional testing.  They were all ready to perform blood tests and urine tests (although that would have required to have him pee into a bag, and frankly, I can't imagine how this would work with a 3-year old) and then the nurse felt his neck and opted for one last test.  He had strep!  He's been on meds for a few days now and is back to his normal happy/whiny attitude, thank goodness!  We're supposed to watch him closely after the strep is 100% gone, and track any fevers past that point.  I hope that's all it was, but I can't imagine he could have had strep for 2 months and we didn't know?!?  Here's to hoping that's all it was, and there isn't anything more serious lurking below the surface.

Hoping for a Vikes win today!

I'm happy to report that I will finally be taking some time off of work...I haven't had any time off since mid-August, and I desperately need a few days to myself around the house.  G and Ava have school/daycare Mon-Wed next week, so I should be able to get quite a few things done around here.  Love being able to check things off my to-do list!

Yesterday we tackled a few such projects...we finally built the Halloween (yes, I know, it's way overdue) cookie house.  I figured it's more about the experience, and not about the specific holiday.  And while I thought I would be more control-freaky about how the house ended up looking, I realized that as long as I (ok, Scott had to help) got the house assembled, I am perfectly fine with Ava going nuts and decorating it however she sees fit!  She had fun, and that's what matters.  And, now I know that I will probably never buy a kit like this again.  I saw one where the house already came assembled, and all that was to be done was the decorating...I think we can swing that one!

She's holding the ghost she decorated...

Since I don't have much extra time to spare, and I still want to be able to volunteer for Ava's school, I signed up for "at home volunteering projects" and I received my first one on Friday.  I get to cut out approximately 20 snowflakes for a class project.  Let's just say that I am smart enough to know that I can't procrastinate on this one, and am about 1/3 of the way through.  As long as I tackle it a little bit each day, I'll make the Dec 1 deadline. For real, I can't mess this up! :)

Should be a great Sunday to spend with the family, watching the game, and taking it easy!

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