Sunday, June 5, 2016

Turtles and Dragonflies

What a wonderful end to the long holiday weekend!  I've been saving articles about fun things to do in our area, and we are trying to make a point of taking the kids out to see new things. On Memorial Day, we went on the "Storywalk" around a lake in Lebanon Hills.  All along the path were posted signs with nice verses of encouragement for the kids.  It was a gorgeous day, and I'm so glad we were able to go.  Plus, we now want to check out the beach one of these days, for a change of pace from the pool!

They were watching the turtles!

We thought this was interesting was dead, but the vines from other plants were covering it.

Poor little G...barely in the picture.  Great shot of Scott and Ava, though!

 This little guy was nice enough to stay in one place to have his picture taken (and yes, it was alive.)

I had told both kids we were going to a park, so G was confused when we went to the Lebanon Hills park, and there weren't any slides, swings, etc.  So, after we ran a few errands, we stopped at a "real" park so the kids could play for a bit.

I love this picture...notice how goofy Ava is acting in the background!

She was watching Scott on the level right above her...

Heehee...these slides are made for little kids, not big boys!

And then we went back to work, and the rest of the week is a blur.  BUT, I do know that G is officially in his big boy bed, and he has figured out that he can get out and play, any time he wants!  So, we've had some earlier mornings this past week. But, that's ok...he's able to entertain himself, and not always relying on someone to keep him busy.

Ava's last day of second grade is this coming Wednesday, and that has made me a bit more aware of how quickly both of these kids are growing up.  I'm so happy that they're becoming their own individuals, but boy, it hurts a bit at times.  Oh well.  This happens every day, to all families...and people learn how to deal with it!

Yesterday, Ava decided the three bears needed to have a tea party...and Elvis is providing the entertainment!  Note: the three bears were made by my mom...and originally, only Ava's bear (closest to Ava) was invited to the party.  G freaked out and thought the bear was his, so we quickly had to bring the other two bears to the party!

We're supposed to have PERFECT weather today - hooray!  Scott is going to work on his dad's car for a bit, and then Ava and I are going to head to the library to pick up a summer reading game board.  She's participated the last two summers and we both love it.  It's a great way to keep her reading throughout the summer!

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