Sunday, June 12, 2016

See Ya, Second Grade!

It's official, we have a third grader! Ava's last day of school was this past Wednesday, and she passed second grade with flying colors. Not that there was any concern, but when I checked the "Grade Placement Next Year" box, I was thrilled to see Grade Three. Seriously, no worries there...but it really hit home that she's flying through elementary school. Exciting, but yikes! Slow down, kid!

Next week starts her Summer Program...and months of packing lunches every day. But, this summer, I'll be getting some help with that task from the crew. Yay!

G wasn't feeling so hot this week...he had a fever since Thursday afternoon, and as such, he's spent a LOT of time at home over the last few days. I'm hoping he wakes up tomorrow and has a better day.  I know he's excited for his Daddy and big sister to come home (so am I.)  They left on Friday afternoon to head up north to do some fishing and spend some time with Scott's best friend and family.  Sounds like they have caught (and released) many fish over the last few days.

Ava's fish!

We helped Grandma Karen celebrate her birthday on Friday night. There was cake, ice cream, gifts, and a whole lotta G being adorable. Happy Birthday, glad that we're able to help celebrate in person!

Ava drew this picture for I was examining it, I noticed that the bottom "unicorn" wasn't really a unicorn. When I asked Ava what it was, she told me it was a dog dressed up as a unicorn...notice the tie-on unicorn horn, the different ears, tail, lack of mane? I love, love, LOVE how creative she is!

My workplace kicked off the summer with a concert on Thursday afternoon...great music, weather, and friends having fun! This is my friend Grace wearing our custom coozies...much like Wonder Woman!

It is way too early to be up on a Sunday...Lucky is relentless about getting her breakfast, though!  And then she wakes up Darla....and it's too hard to ignore two hungry beagles pacing around the room.  Should be a good, but tired, Sunday!

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