Sunday, May 15, 2016

Spider-Man on Wheels

G is following in his big sister's footsteps, and is excited to be on two (plus two tiny) wheels! One of my coworkers mentioned that her son had outgrown his bike, so I commented that if she was looking to get rid of it, I knew a little boy who would love to have it. I bought G a new helmet (no, it's not Spider-Man), and within minutes of being on his new bike last weekend, he fell in love with it. I asked if he was interested in riding his tricycle again and the answer was a big ol' NO!

He thinks he's pretty cool with his Spider-Man shoes and Spider-Man bike!

We had a wonderful brunch out as a family for Mother's Day last weekend, and then we each spent time with our respective moms in the was the perfect way to spend our special day! Plus, I had the chance to check out the final results of my parent's condo's lookin' good!

My very special Lego creation from Ava, to celebrate how awesome of a mother I am! ;)

Today, Ava and I are taking the grandmas to the American Girl Bistro at the Mall of America. I'm excited to spend time with our favorite moms, and also eat some good food (yes, it really is good!) Plus, I'm sure we'll need to do some shopping while we're there!

It's been a good and productive week and weekend...looking forward to good things today and in the coming week!

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