Sunday, November 29, 2015


Oh what a wonderful week it's been!  Once I got over being sick over the last weekend, I've really managed to enjoy this time off of work.  I was able to have a few lunches with friends, do some shopping without kids, meet up with Scott for an afternoon weekday drink at a local bar, and still manage to knock some things off the to do list.  I also managed to find time to start watching Game of Thrones and am now halfway through the 2nd season (time for viewing slowed down dramatically once the entire family was at home for the long's a little tricky to explain all of the violence to a curious 7-year old...)  We also pulled out some of my old toys, and Ava has been having a ton of fun with MY My Little Ponies...she's been eyeing up all of the Barbies, and has been patiently waiting for us to dive into that tub of toys.

The 2nd grade classes at Ava's elementary school had their winter program this past Monday was farm-themed (E-I-E-I-Oops!) and all of the kids dressed up as a certain farm animal.  Ava was a super cute little chick!  I didn't get to see as much of the program as I wanted to, since our little guy was feeling feisty and not wanting to sit in one place. And, all of the pictures that I did manage to take completely disappeared, so I don't have too much to share here visually.

The next day, the kids put on a special "Grandparent's Day" program, where grandparents (or special friends) could come to watch the performance, and then participate in a few fun activities in the kids' classrooms.  All four of Ava's grandparents were able to be there, and then they all took her out to lunch - such an awesome way to spend a school day!  Splitting the performances into two time frames was a great idea...there was enough seating for everyone, and the parking lot wasn't completely overflowing like it usually is when there are programs like this.  Bravo, 2nd grade teachers - great idea!!

We spent a lovely Thanksgiving holiday at Grandma Deb and Grandpa Whitey's house.  The food was amazing and plentiful, and my parents were also able to join the gathering, so we were surrounded by family from both sides.  Truly, so much to be thankful for!  On the ride home, we also managed to do a little Chrismtas-light looking...there are a few houses in Inver Grove that really go all out with decorating (lights set to music on the radio, a Ferris wheel (not to ride, just for show), etc. and by the time we generally make it out each year to view them, there are always a parade of cars we have to deal with.  BUT, apparently, if you go early in the season, there isn't anyone else out, and we were able to take our time and actually stop in front of the houses to really look at all of the details...and Scott was a happy camper not having to deal with traffic. :)

We spent the majority of Friday out spending way too much money on a new bed for us, and furniture for the family room.  Our new bed is going to be delivered today and I am SO excited to try it out!  The new furniture will come next weekend, so the next step is to find a new home for the current ones.  Both kids were super patient (up until the end) while we did all of this shopping...I never realized how many breakable items furniture stores use in their displays.  And then I realized I won't be able to have any nice, breakable items like that for many more years (Ava was always very good and never touched decor she shouldn't...G goes all out and would grab whatever he could find, even if we tell him "no" a million times...sigh.)

Once we got home from our shopping spree, this happened!  Our office finally has color on the walls!  I am so excited to get the furniture put back in its place, and get all of our items hung up on the walls.  It's been a long two years without some sort of decent organization system for all of our office-y type things.  It's tricky to keep track of kids things without a good place to hang all of the paperwork!

Yesterday was another full day of working around the house, and working on the area below the deck (Scott and Dad), while Mom and I checked out a craft show in the area.  I managed to knock off a few more items from the Christmas list, so I'm feeling really good about being organized for the holidays this year!  Mom, Ava and I also decorated the Christmas tree in record time, before having a nice and hilarious pizza dinner.  Grandpa Doug thought it would be funny to teach the kids how to balance utensils on their noses, and while Ava managed to successfully do it, G eventually just put his spoon on his head.  And pizza in his hair.

G's reaction to the tree was priceless...last year he was only one, so not really into checking it out. This year, he walked around, named/poked at different ornaments, and managed to get a few low hanging ones off their hooks (and then desperately tried to put them back on when he realized I was watching him.)  G is really mimicking everything that Ava is saying and doing, so we've needed to start reminding her to be a good role model...within seconds of her doing something, or saying a funny phrase, there is a smaller, more high-pitched version of the same thing happening.  Super funny, but...we need to be careful on how much we laugh at.

I'm hoping for another great day today...breakfast out, organizing the office, and getting everything ready for the new bed.  AND, hopefully buying tickets for a Disney princess ice show in a few weeks!!  I feel like I need to take another few weeks off of work, just to fit all of this FUN in!

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