Sunday, September 13, 2015

First Week...Done!

The first week of back to school was a success!  Ava really likes her new teacher, and is having fun reconnecting with old friends, as well as making new ones.  We seem to have one of the neighbor girls over at our house several times a week, which is totally fine - she's sweet, and a year older than Ava, so she seems to be a good influence on Ava.

On Monday, we celebrated the "last afternoon of summer" with root beer floats at the neighbors house.  The floats, the company, and the weather made it a perfect afternoon to say "see ya!" to summer.

Ava was so excited to start school on Tuesday, and as you can see, she's wanting to be a fashion designer in the future.  We talked about her past choices (mermaid, "mommy who works on computers", and a baker) and she changed her mind to being a mermaid fashion designer princess, but...that seemed a little unrealistic, so we stuck with being a plain ol' fashion designer. :)

G's been having a blast at his daycare, and when I noticed he was getting "school" pictures taken at the end of September, I realized we needed to get his shaggy hair cut into shape.  He absolutely hated getting his haircut...I had to hold his arms, neck and head, while the wonderful stylist worked with sharp scissors and clippers.  There's a reason we take him to Kids Hair - they specialize in kids haircuts, and have the patience of saints!  After we were done, another mom there told me that her son used to be like that, too...and he was sitting there, getting his hair cut like a pro, so...there's hope for G.  A cherry sucker seemed to make it all better for him.  Until it got hair on

Yesterday, the kids and I met up with my friend Emilie, and headed a bit south of the cities to Northfield. This weekend was the "Defeat of Jesse James" days, and while we didn't watch the re-enactment of the robbery, we heard the gun shots and saw the horses many times.  There was a nice little art show, yummy fair food, and even a carnival...but we didn't make it out there.  G did pretty well for not having a nap (he slept for about an hour in the car on the ride down, but clearly, it wasn't enough.)  He started having more and more meltdowns, and ended up laying down, bawling, in the middle of the street.  A clear sign that it's time to get that kid home and into his crib!  Em ended up staying for dinner, and the meal was a comedy of errors.  Nothing went quite right, but at least the steak turned out really good!

Super cute one of Em and G!

Happy with a corn dog!

We both look a little rough in this one...

Entertaining herself with the a few points, she wanted to go for a ride, but...

Scott took the kids with him this morning, running to different places all over the cities, so it has been v-e-r-y quiet at the house.  I've been able to get quite a few things done, but, there's still always more to do, right?!  I think we've got the paint color picked out for the office, so I'm excited to get that project underway, and finally have that room done.  We'll see how long it takes...ha!

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