Sunday, May 31, 2015

Only 5 More Days...

Even though this was only a 4-day workweek, it felt like we packed 7 days worth of work into that time frame.  I've warned my closest family and friends that this next month is going to be hell for me at work.  Mid-July cannot come soon enough!

Last weekend, Scott picked up some veggies to make fresh salsa.  He hasn't made salsa since we moved out of SSP in 2013, so this was a wonderful treat to have.  I think next year we'll get our garden planted, and we'll be back in the fresh veggie and salsa business!

G managed to keep his teeth out of all of the other kids at daycare this week...hooray!  Except then Ava tried to take a toy away from him yesterday, and he bit!  One of my neighbors mentioned she had a kids book about biting, so we're going to have a little sit down with G, and see what we can accomplish!

Ava's first grade class had their end of year celebration on Thursday afternoon.  She and I went to the school library, and hung out under the steps to read through her year portfolio of work and artwork.  (I realize that sounds weird, but they have this cool nook area that kids can use to read.  Not sure if was built for an adult size person, but there were 6 of us packed in there...)  Ava was very proud to show us her work, and is very sad to no longer have Mrs M. as her teacher next year.  She's absolutely thrilled that there are only 5 MORE DAYS until school is out.  Ava has big plans for us this summer, mostly involving the pool.  I picked up her packet of info for Summer Power, and they have a very full summer of fun activities planned...that girl is never going to be bored!!

Sitting by the pond, eating our cookies during the celebration!

Enjoying a beautiful night on our new deck!

While Scott was working yesterday, I spent several hours sorting through G's clothing, and just about fell over when I realized we already had clothes for him when he's 8 years old.  EIGHT.  In any case, that kid is set for his wardrobe!  And I feel like I accomplished a ton.  So, win win!  Plus, we went for a nice walk yesterday afternoon, played at the park, had a great dinner out as a family, and then joined our neighbors for a bonfire to top off the fun evening.  Good times!!  Thank goodness summer is finally here!!

And off to work I go.

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