Sunday, April 20, 2014

A Different Point of View

This week, I have a guest blogger.  He's got quite a bit to say, so I thought I'd let him take control for one post.  Say hello to my little friend...

Hi!  My name is Garrett, but you can call me G.  I'm going to be the big six-months in 9 days...and Mommy is finally letting me bang on this keyboard for a bit!  It's been a fun week...I keep trying to sleep on my belly,  but everyone keeps flipping me over to my back.  After a while, I give up, and just pop my thumb in my mouth, and go to sleep.  No biggie.

I love all of the attention I get when I am at daycare...Sheila's oldest son always comes right over to me when he gets home from school, and works with me to get me to sit up on my own.  Mommy tried too, the other day, but I just keep falling over on my face.  Oh well.

Mommy and Daddy keep talking about trying to feed me something called peas or green beans.  I guess I'll have to wait a few weeks to see which one they decide on.  Maybe that means that the rice cereal will come to a stop.  It's mushy.  It's blah.  And it's gross.  Yuck.

I like to eat my hands.  Mommy keeps sticking her fingers in my mouth, feeling around.  I don't know what she's doing, but I know that she bought some goopy stuff for my gums and keeps telling me she's going to use it one of these nights. The last time she stuck her finger in my mouth, I chomped down really hard on her fingers.  Haha! Mommy didn't think it was too funny, though.

I kept hearing something about my big sister having something green every day this week.  She gave Mommy and Daddy two thumbs up every day after school, so I guess that means something good happened there.  She's pretty nice to me.  She likes to hug me every morning, and she always wants to pick out my outfits.  Mommy told me that my big sister will be spending all of her days with me at Sheila's house this summer.  Any silence that I had during the days will now be gone...sigh.

I like to take baths!

Tummy time in my crib is the best!

A full belly makes me smile! Even when it's rice cereal...

Mommy and Ava put some seeds in these today...I wonder what will grow?

I'm a pretty happy little guy...Mommy, Daddy and Ava love to sing and talk to me.  I sleep all night long, and I just noticed these furry things that live with me.  I try to touch them, but when I do, someone always yells "Gentle!" at me.  Sometimes those furry things talk back to me, but they use funny words.

Mommy likes to say that it's allllll good...and she's right.  It is!

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