Sunday, March 23, 2014

Should Have Knocked on Wood...

Remember when just a mere seven days ago, I said it was great that G hadn't gotten sick yet?  We SO should have found a 2x4 and pounded the heck out of it.  G developed a really nasty cough, and on Tuesday, I ended up taking him to the doc to get it checked out.  Turns out that G had croup.  Awesome!  He's too young for steroids, so we couldn't help the virus with medication.  Double awesome!

So, what do you do?  You pull out the humidifier, crank it up, and pray for the best.  G ended up staying home with Scott on Wednesday, but he was back to daycare on Thursday and Friday...and doing much better.  He still has a cough, but it's not as deep and bark-y as his croup cough was.  We felt so bad for the little guy.  And I am now a master of sucking snot out of his nose.  Motherhood is not as glamorous as it appears, people! Hahaha...that went out the window with poopy diapers, spit up, exhaustion, etc.  Good thing those kids are so darn cute.

On the other hand, Ava's on her last dose of medicine for her strep.  When I took G in to get checked out, they recognized him from his visit with Ava just three days prior.  Good thing we have insurance!  Ava's doing much, much better, but I think she's picked up a cold, too.  Man, when do we get to open up the windows and get the germies out of here?!

Let's see, besides illness, what's happened over this past week?  Scott actually took three days off from work....and worked.  At his side business, but at least he wasn't at his "real" job.  And he was happy.  So, I think we'll be seeing some changes in the future.  Which is great - life's too short not to be happy with a job.  Or anything that you spend that much time with, actually. 

G has been rolling a ton at daycare, but not here at home, so we're trying to get him to move a bit more on the floor.  I do giggle every morning when I wake him up...he's always in a different position in the crib.  But his hands are always up by his head.  He looks like such a little ladies man with his hands behind his head, snoozing away.

Tummy time!

Mommy and G time!

Time to get moving around the house - have a great week!

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Megan said...

Daycare told me Friday she had 3 kids & 2 parents out with strep last week. Ugh. I think we will have more issues with sickness with the weather going from 40 to 20 every other day. Croup is scary stuff too! Hope he's feeling better.