Sunday, October 27, 2013


This is it - things are going to start happening this week!

1. Baby G:  At my last check on Wednesday, I was still dilated to 1cm.  However, at my appointment this coming Wednesday, we are going to talk about possibly inducing at 39 weeks (which would be November 2.)  My doctor is on call that weekend, so it means that she would be the one delivering Baby G, which would be nice!  Baby G is still doing great - his head is still nice and low, heartbeat is strong, and my numbers are very good.

I, however, am exhausted.  I had this past Friday off of work, and Ava was at Grandma Deb and Grandpa Whitey's after breakfast on Saturday morning, so I've had almost two solid days of Dee time (Scott was working.)  Unlike last weekend, I was not productive this weekend...and did a whole bunch of laying around, napping, and minor housework things.  And I think that's ok.  It won't be long before we go back to sleepless getting this extra rest now is perfectly justified in my mind.

And I'm pretty much ready to be done with work.  I don't want to say that I've checked out, but I'm in a good place to leave.  And that is a great feeling!

2. Ava: She has broken ears.  We had a rough week with her...she woke up two nights in a row, with nightmares about spiders and mosquitos.  And while she was able to go back to sleep, neither Scott nor I could, so we were zombie-like for a few days there.  Those rough nights turned into rough mornings.  My thought is that it should never take 20 minutes to put on a pair of socks and shoes. NEVER.  I don't have patience for things like that, and when you add lack of sleep onto that...well, let's just say it's a good thing that Ava was at school on Friday (my day off) and with her grandparents on Saturday.  We needed a bit of a break!

And now my little girl is dancing around to Mozart in her big, poofy white dress, pretending to be a princess.  These moments are good ones, so I'm trying to appreciate them!

On a positive friend Monica made a few gifts for Ava and Baby G...check out how cute they are!

This fabric is super sparkly - both Ava and I love it!

This might be inspiring our little ballet recital we have going on right now...

A cute little "taggie" for Baby G - he's going to love this!

(So sweet!)
A baby boy's a blessing
A gift from heaven above
A precious little angel
To cherish and to love

3. New house: I haven't been out there in a few weeks (hence the lack of pictures)...but that's mostly because we finally have our walkthrough scheduled!  There was a bit of mix up with the closing date (which I fought) and then they wanted the walkthrough to be later (which I fought), there's been a lot of me pushing back on the builder lately.  We need to get this stuff done!  There's not much I can plan right now, so I'm grasping for any small thing that I can.

Here's how I see the next few weeks playing out (in an ideal world...of course, anything is possible!)  We'll see how reality pans out with this schedule...ask me in three weeks!

-Tues, Oct 29: Meet with moving company for est. on moving
-Wed, Oct 30: House walkthrough at 7:30am / Dr apt at 2pm to discuss induction options
-Thurs, Oct 31: Family fun / trick-or-treating
-Sat, Nov 2: Induction...Baby G comes?!?  PLEASE!?!
-Fri, Nov 8: House closing
-Tues, Nov 12:  Potential moving day!
-Sat, Nov 16: Dee in a wedding reception (this is a different crazy story, but will not get into details here)

And then...the chaos will be done.  We can focus on unpacking, getting to know our new little guy better, and settling into somewhat of a better routine.  And I cannot wait!  I need to be done with all of the unknowns in my life.  I need to be able to focus on the known items, and get my life back. 

I've been waiting many, many months for November 2013 to get here.  SO happy to see you (just around the corner!)

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