Sunday, June 30, 2013

FIVE (and a few other things...)

Finally, I have a chance to sit down, relax and collect my thoughts.  We've had a whirlwind last two weeks, with lots and lots and LOTS of stuff going on!

Our Little Girl isn't so little anymore...she's the big FIVE now!  And she seems to think that being five comes with new privileges, like not listening, or being super sassy, and always getting her way.  Little does she realize that both her mom and dad have been five before, and for the most part (not always...sigh) can outsmart her!

She woke up on her big day (June 18) with a fever, so I was pretty bummed (for her) that she had to spend her birthday at home with me (and then in the afternoon with Great-Grandma - which was totally fine) instead of celebrating at summer camp with her little friends.  At one point, I said to her, "I'm sorry this isn't turning out to be a great birthday."  And she looked at me, totally confused and with fever-glazed eyes, and replied, "It's's sunny out!"  All of a sudden, I had a new respect for my daughter - leave it to a kid to focus on the positive in what could be a not-so-fun situation.  She teaches me something every day!

We did get to have her super exciting dinner of mac-n-cheese, buttered corn, and yogurt, with cupcakes for dessert, and then we topped it off with present opening, so she was really wound up that night!  And luckily, she was all better the next day to go to school! 

Big-Eyed Ava!

"I'm FIVE!!!"

Showing off some of her gifts...

Incoming ball!


The next weekend, we were blessed with a beautiful Saturday night, and I just happened to have all the fixins for s'mores...YUM!! 

This is probably the biggest spider I have ever seen at a can't tell here but its eyes are a bright teal.  The thing was probably the size of a quarter!

This just made me laugh as the reflection of the flames made it look like a crown of fire on Lucky's head.  It's the little things in life, right? :)

And then, to top off this great weekend, we had Ava's little "friends" birthday party at Michael's on Sunday afternoon.  They painted t-shirts, did face/arm painting, colored, ate cake and ice cream, and even sang to Ava over the intercom at the store.  Overall, all the little girls seemed to like it, and Ava couldn't have been happier!  (Personally, I was happy since the mess was not at my house, and I didn't have to worry about paint and glitter everywhere!)
So excited to start the party! 
Coloring with Daddy

Let the fun begin!

Face/arm painting!







Painting t-shirts...and making a mess!

The end result!

Walking through the store... sing Happy Birthday to Ava over the intercom!

This was so incredibly cute, I actually had to walk away!

Making a wish...

Gift time!

The was a great party!

I asked Ava to put my shoes away...instead they became very secure vehicles for Barbie and Ken.  This totally made me laugh the other morning.
Now, there were several other things that were happening over the last two weeks that weren't focused on Ava's 5th birthday.  For example, we had our level 2 ultrasound done...the baby is healthy, measuring exactly right (20 weeks, 5 days), and we were happy to find out it's a BOY!  Scott, especially, looked a bit relieved, although he sheepishly said it would have been fine had it turned out to be a girl.  Ava's super excited to have a little brother, and I'm excited to experience what it's like to have a son...we cannot wait to meet the new little guy in November!!

Smiling already...!  In this one, I think he looks like'll be interesting to see what he looks like when born.

And, on non-child news...we had our pre-dig meeting last week, which means the next steps are to build the house!  They are looking at digging the hole the week of July 8, with a completion date in mid-October.  Let's hope for no delays on this, or the fall is going to get really crazy!
I'm sure there's more, but my brain has been on vacation the last two days - it needed to recover!

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