Sunday, September 16, 2012

Well, That Didn't Take Long

Ava runs warm.  When she was teething as a baby, it wasn't unexpected for her to run a temp of 103.  She has a cold?  It might shoot up to 105.  Besides getting the common cold/virus, she's only truly been sick once, with tonsillitis.  Not bad for a 4 year old.  What's my point, you ask?  A fever is one sure fire way for her to be sent home from daycare/preschool - it's just how her body fights being sick.  At least once a month, we're picking her up during the day.  She is sick for a few hours, her fever breaks, and she's back to being healthy.  It's weird. 

ANYWAY!  Guess what happened this past week?  That's right...the ol' fever came, so she was out on Wednesday and Thursday, and she went back to pre-k on Friday.  But I got "the call" by 10am on Friday, so I had to leave work to pick her up.  I'm actually pretty sad for her, as the pre-k kids were going to walk to DQ for a special treat that afternoon, and she had to miss that little adventure.

The really good news is that I gave her some ibuprofen on Friday, her fever spiked, and she's all better!  No fever since Friday, so this weekend has been fun!  And she gets to go back to pre-k and play with her new friends tomorrow. :)  Side note: she IS making friends!  On the school's FB page, there's a pic of her sitting in a covered chair with kids playing all around her.  I asked her what she was doing, and she told me she was playing hide-and-seek.  I asked if anyone was actually looking for her, and she said no.  So...she was really just hiding...  This spiked a bit of a fear in me that she wasn't making friends - hard to believe with how outgoing she is.  To ease my fears, I asked her teacher if she was playing well with others, and she is!  Lots of little friends that she interacts well with.  Now, we just need to work on learning to share the toys nicely...

We had a nice lay-around kind of day on Friday afternoon...lots of Tinkerbell, naps (for Ava), and some quiet playtime.  And because she was feeling way better, we were able to keep our plans on celebrating an early anniversary dinner last night in Stillwater.  Ava had a great day/evening with Grandma Deb and Grandpa Whitey (fever-free!)  And Scott and I had a fantastic dinner walking around Stillwater...he was a good sport and let me stick my head into a few shops which clearly held no appeal to him.  On the flip side, he enjoys walking through antique stores, and there are certainly plenty of those in that area.  The only antiques that I truly enjoy looking at are kids books - and maybe a Barbie collection if they have one. :)

We had lovely meal at the Dock Cafe, located right on the St. Croix river.  It was a gorgeous day/night, so we decided it was worth the wait to eat outside.  After dinner, we took a walk by the river, and decided that we need to buy a boat.  Something for Scott to fish on, something for me to be able to lay out on, and something for Ava to be able to jump out of/tube behind.  We have an idea of what we'd like to get so we'll see what happens!

Now, everyone is back home, and we're going to have another fun day!  Well, maybe not in Ava's eyes but I know Scott and I are looking forward to it.  We're going to check out some of the houses in the Parade of Homes, and then spend some time outside cleaning up the garden/flowers.  Time to take out the summer flowers, and get some mums planted!

Our pumpkin/squash patch did GREAT last year - it produced 4-6 beautiful pumpkins.  But this year, we think a squirrel or a rabbit got into it and ended up killing many of the plants. We were able to harvest a few squash, and a BIG pumpkin!  We are hoping it'll stay good until Halloween so we can carve it.  I guess we'll see!

Taking it easy this morning...
Next time I post, it'll be with my "new eyes"!  I'm scared, but I'm sure everything will go as expected.  So, I'm also excited!  And we've got another busy week ahead of us, so the surgery will be here before we know it.  Think happy eye-thoughts for me on Friday morning!

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Lisa said...

Hope all goes well on Friday! I'm still too chicken to look into that... you'll have to fill me in on how it goes.

School = Sickness. :( Dylan brought home a cold to share with the family last week. At least it seems to be a quick one.