Sunday, December 4, 2011

Sweet Angel...?

Don't let this sweet face fool you!  Ava is continuing to be a little naughty at daycare AND at home...especially with not listening.  I'd say she's mastered the ability to ignore those people around her!  Argh!

On a funny note...our daycare provider puts up winter-themed items in her bathroom at this time of the year.  For example: snowman towels, snowflake shower curtain, etc.  One day this week, as Ava was sitting on the potty, she noticed all of this new decor and kept telling Debi "How a-DOR-able!" everything was.  It makes me wonder if Ava's really an older woman trapped in a toddler's body...

Well, the tree is up, but I didn't get a chance to wrap the Christmas presents yet...BUT!  I bought everything we needed to make fudge, as well as Nutter Butter Santa cookies.  Today, I ran into a lady in the grocery store who was making the same fudge recipe that I use, so she kept asking for my advice.  It's not too often that I can give baking advice! :) 

And we're going to make time to look at Christmas lights and check out the Holidazzle parade in Minneapolis!  Ava and I have a few fun little Christmas-themed craft projects to do this week.  So far, it's been a fantastic holiday season! Cheers!

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