Sunday, December 11, 2011

Hermey! Hermey!

We are in full Christmas swing here at the Goers' house!  All the presents are wrapped (with just a few left to buy), Nutter Butter Santas have been made (see below for picture!), and the annual viewing of Rudolph has been completed.

Let me tell you a story about our red-nosed friend.  I asked Ava (before we watched it), if she knew what the story was about.  She told me he was a deer (pretty good)...and then I explained to her that he's a special deer that pulls Santa's sleigh through the sky, and that his nose shines bright red.  As I was saying those words, I thought to myself..."Huh, that sounds really...weird."  The look Ava gave me and the complete silence that followed confirmed that thought.  However, never fear!  She thoroughly enjoyed watching the movie on Friday night!  And since then, Hermey (the elf who wants to be a dentist) has been a permanent fixture in our house.  He's eaten all of our meals with us, spent the last few nights/naps with Ava, took a bath with her, BUT, politely exited the house to go outside and work for a bit when Ava had to use the potty.  Santa must have known that Ava was going to get so attached to of her stocking stuffers just happens to be about Hermey!

We also had the great joy of taking our picture for the Christmas card this year...I won't include the final picture below, but instead, a few of the outtakes.

Hanging with Saint Darla here...

So hard to keep the eyes open!

And here we go...

Smile!  No, really, SMILE!

Helps to look at the camera

Stay in one place, young lady!

I actually really love this one!

Scott wanted to use this one and label it: "I have to poop!"

The Nutter Butter Santas...yum!

This week, we'll be making fudge, looking at Christmas lights, and visiting Santa.  Hard to believe Christmas is just two weeks away!

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Lisa said...

Dylan informed me that Rudolph is his most best, favoritist, ever Christmas show. Don't you just love their imagination?! Cute Santa cookies, too!