Saturday, September 24, 2011

Super Princess Ava!

We just can't seem to get enough of dressing up as a princess...Ava even gave herself a new name: Super Princess Ava!  Ironic, since her Barbie costume actually comes with a little cape...of course it's shiny gold and bright pink, but still...!

With Halloween coming up, we've been trying to decide what Ava should be.  She was stuck on Santa for a while, and then we hit the insect track (butterfly, ladybug, bee), and I think we've finally landed on Alice in Wonderland.  I found a really cute costume for her and now we're reading the AiW story at night, so she knows who she's dressed up as.  I'm just happy we escaped the princess theme this year...especially since EVERY day is princess day at the Goers' house!

She's got the over-the-shoulder look down!

Life doesn't get much better than this!

I checked on her last night before bed...looks like she fell asleep right in the middle of reading.  I feel a little bad for Black Bear...she's got him firmly by the nose.  Of course, as soon as I turned off her pink flower light, her eyes popped open and she wanted to read some more.

She's begun to say the sweetest things, like, when I tell her that I love her, she kisses me and tells me that she loves me the most.  However, with the sweetness comes that sass I peeked in on her while she should have been napping. 

Instead, I found her playing with her Little People set, and when I asked her to lay down and take a nap, she just looked at me and said, "Bye!"  And she fully expected me to close her door and leave her alone. 

Every day it's something new with her...and we totally look forward to laughing (or try to hide our laughing) along with her!


Stephanie Blackwood said...

Every family needs a Super Princess, and Super Princess Ava has my vote! BTW, glad you're getting started with AiW's a weird and wonderful story even for adults. Great amusement when in Africa last year...but I'm not sure I understood everything I read.

Lisa said...

Oh, I was looking forward to seeing Santa trick-or-treat photos! I think Alice will be cute, though!