Monday, July 4, 2011

Happy 4th!

We've had a great holiday weekend so far! Ava and I went to the SSP Splash Pool on Friday. She had a fantastic time playing in the water and with all of the fun water features. Even better - we met another family who lives just 2 blocks away, and they have a daughter just 3 months younger than Ava! We are already looking forward to getting together with Lizzie!

On our way to the Splash Pool!

Having fun with her sand and water table...and a bucket.

Princess Ava!

Even princesses need to take a break at times.

We had an odd storm come through on Friday night.  The west side of the cities was hit much worse than we were.  We just had high winds, some rain, and an odd colored sky!

On Saturday, Ava and I headed to my friend Tina's house for playing in the "park" (the playset in her backyard), a bonfire, and s'mores!  Tina's kids were so good to Ava.  Ava was especially fond of Tina's son, Spencer.  Boy, does that girl like boys...!  At one point, I heard Ava say to Spencer, "Spence, Spence, Spence!  I'm afraid!  Carry me!"  So he did!

Tina and me, chillin' by the fire

Ava and Spencer

Ava has a knowing look on her face, like, "Yeah, he's wrapped around my finger...!"

Taking a break - that would be Ava under the blanket!

On Sunday, Ava headed over to Grandma Deb and Grandpa Whitey's house...they went swimming, and enjoyed the nice, hot weather.

Meanwhile, I went with my friend Emilie to a water park, and was able to relax for several hours in the hot sun.  We then went out to dinner at Boca Chica in St Paul, and then headed to Hudson, WI, for the city fireworks show.  We got front row parking, and got there just 15 minutes before the show started.

After that, we decided to check out the band that was playing at the celebration - it was Boogie Wonderland - one of my favorite bands to see in the area!  It was a great night - and we couldn't have planned it any better, even if we had tried!


My cutie came home this morning...funny how quiet the house is without her!

Tonight, we're going to try to find a fireworks show close to home so Ava can see what it's all about.  It's been such a great weekend - it will be hard to go back to work tomorrow!

Happy 4th of July!  Be sure to celebrate your freedom!

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