Sunday, May 30, 2010

What's Black & White?

It's officially summer in Minnesota.  We've passed the 1-2 weeks where it's pleasant outside, and have moved into the hot and humid midwestern summer season.  This calls for some FUN in the SUN!  We were hoping that Ava would enjoy the water a little more this year than she did last year (I took her to several weeks of swimming lessons in a lap pool, where the temp of the water was just a wee bit too chilly.  It didn't go well for either of us.)  Plus, she has a new swimming suit I was anxious to have her try out, so at the very least, I knew she would look cute. :)

So, Daddy decided to set up the sprinkler for her one night after dinner.  This, too, did not go very well.  Perhaps it's because he sprung the sprinkler on her without warning, causing her to run to me, with fear in her eyes, and very wet hands...  After that, we never got her to come near the sprinkler (way to go, Daddy), and she decided to play with my potted flowers...with her very wet hands.  This is where my OCD needs to take a backseat and just let the child have fun!  (Deep breath in, deep breath out...)

Looking guilty for some reason...hmmmm.

Yesterday we had a better outdoor experience.  We filled up her little pool, brought out all of her toys, and even parked Mommy in a chair right next to the pool (feet in the water, of course), so Ava wouldn't be lonely.  This went great!  She had a great time splashing around, filling up the bucket, catching the toy fish with her net...until Daddy brought out the hose with the sprayer.  Seriously!  When will he learn?!  At least Ava was little bit more laid back and had fun hiding in her Cozy Coupe while Daddy misted her with the sprayer.

This is all leading up to our big outdoor pool experience coming up at the end of June.  We're visiting a friend's house with an outdoor pool, and if that goes well, SSP outdoor pool, here we come!  It's incredibly important to me that she is comfortable in the water, and it'd be even better if she actually liked it.  So, we'll just keep working at it!

It's been a really busy weekend outside of the water fun...I cleaned for 6 hours on Friday, and 8 hours yesterday.  Our house isn't even that big, so I'm not sure how I spent that much time cleaning.  I was working my way through the spring cleaning list, and now, I think there's a light at the end, thank goodness!  In the process, though, I have discovered one of Ava's punishments in the future when she misbehaves.  She's going to get to clean our oven racks.  Sheer it should do the trick.  :)

We're halfway through the long weekend, and we're looking forward to finally relaxing over the next few days.  We're going to see baby Charlie (and Megan and Erik, too, of course) tomorrow, and then on Tuesday, Ava and I are going to have lunch with my co-workers.  Should be fun!

Happy Memorial day - and don't forget to remember those that have given their lives for our freedom!

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Tramps & More

And when I say "Tramps", surely you realize I'm talking about a trampoline, right?

We went down to Grand Meadow this weekend to visit our good friends, Darren, Tiffany, and Isabel.  Ava, of course, had to take a nap on the ride down there, so instead of napping at her regular time, she was up ALL afternoon - happy/sad/excited/meltdown/etc.  It was a long afternoon.  Scott was helping Darren build a garden fence, and then they went to chop some trees down, so Tiff and I had a chance to catch up with each other, and then play with the girls.

For those that don't know/remember, Isabel is 8-months older than Ava, and still, the age difference is so apparent.  Isabel played the part of the older child, and was teaching Ava how to take turns on the trampoline, as well as giving her hugs of encouragement on the slide. Every time we see Isabel, it's like seeing what Ava will be 8 months from's so much fun!

We had some dress-up time - pretty, pretty princesses!

We had some park time...this is where Ava had a lack-o'-nap-enduced meltdown, hence there is only a picture from the walk home...

We, of course, has some tramp time...if I was speaking for Ava, I'd say this was the highlight of her trip.

And my personal favorite, for which she'll hate me when she's 13:

And we finally had some bath/bed time...she kept trying to comb Isabel's hair, and finally decided to style her own into a Justin Bieber 'do.

This morning, they had a short time to play together before we left for home.  Don't let their serious faces fool you - they actually had fun playing together this weekend!

Here are a few pics from earlier this week...the one of Ava sleeping was just too cute to pass up.  Apparently, Scooter is also a pillow!

Scott was watering the front yard one night, and Ava got caught in the sprinkler.  Ooops!

Sunday, May 16, 2010

26 Hours in a Day

Just yesterday morning, I was thinking to myself that I could really use a few more hours each day.  We don't sleep a whole lot, both work long hours at our jobs, try to play with Ava as much as we can at night and on the weekends, and then we have to do all of the adult-stuff...paying bills, grocery shopping, cleaning, work on side jobs, house projects, etc.  If there were only 26 hours in a day, we could:

*Sleep just an extra 30 minutes - we need it since the dogs have been waking us up each weekend day at 5:30am.  What could be SO urgent that they need to get us up then?!?  You'd think we only feed them once a week, or something.

*Spend an extra hour with Ava...we could go to the park every night, take an extra long bath, read a few extra stories, and just enjoy the giggles and chattiness.

*Take 30 minutes to talk to each other about how things are going.  With Scott leaving for work each day before 5am, and then all of the craziness that ensues when I get home at night, we barely have time to say "Hi-HowWasYourDay?-ILoveYou-andGoodNight" before we have to repeat the whole thing again the next day.  It's hard.  Scott's family is GREAT at watching Ava so we can have a few date nights here and there - we just need to do better at planning them.

In reality, if we had an extra 2 hours, we'd probably use them to work - both at our jobs, and around the house.  Not on the important inter-personal relationships.  Sigh.

Can you tell it's been a busy week?  The good news is that I started my spring cleaning, and the main floor bathroom is so sparkly clean and fresh.  At this rate of one room at a time, it'll take me all summer to get my spring cleaning done!  We (Scott) also planted our garden today, and we (me) planted all of our flowers.  Weeding provides me with deep satisfaction - it's instant gratification at its finest.  I do have to wonder if the neighbors saw me freak out yesterday as I pulled up a clump of weeds, and quite possibly, the slimiest worm came out with it...there was jumping, shuddering, and yelling.  I do not like worms.  So Scott had to show me an even longer worm that came out of the garden today - for a brief instant, I thought he was going to throw it at me.  Puke.

Ava also had three more teeth pop through on Friday - she's now got the full set on top and bottom, and we're just waiting for those 2-year molars to come through.  She's also moving into tattle-tell mode.  Scott was changing her diaper, and while we're not exactly sure what she said, we think she was "telling on him" to me. Moments later, she ran into the bathroom, found me perched on her foot stool (I was replacing the glass shades on the lights - cleaning, remember?), and yelled, "Daddy!  Mommy's on the stool!"  She seemed very distraught that I dared to use her stool.  We need to get her a sibling QUICK so she learns how to share. :)

Alrighty, just 10 more things I need to do before bed.  And I'm pretty sure I was supposed to be in bed by 9pm tonight - working on that additional sleep, you know?

Have a wonderful week, and try to find the time to do something that you truly enjoy!  Maybe we don't really need those extra 2 hours, after all...

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Happy Mother's Day!

Wha a busy, but wonderful, Mother's Day this has been!  Scott took care of the dogs and Ava until I had to get up (7am), so I caught a little extra sleep.  Although, I was up late watching SNL last night, so I needed those extra zzzzzz's.

I walked in the Race for the Cure today - it was a perfect day to be outside!  The sun was shining, and there was a slight chill, but nothing uncomfortable.  Thousands turned out to participate - what a great way to start the day!  My friend Emilie and I walked together - I'm thinking that Ava should join me next year...there were lots of kids walking, and I think she'd have a blast.

That's the sea of people in front of us - this is right past the Starting Line.

When I came home, Scott fixed us a very late brunch, and then little Ava AND Mommy took a nap.  Darn SNL keeping me up late.  We tried to get a pic of me and Ava, but her attention was clearly focused on something else.

We then headed over to Scott's mom's house for a Mother's Day dinner with the family.  Lots of wonderful food, and company as usual!  Ava always has so much fun at Grandma Deb and Grandpa Whitey's house.

I made a Jell-O dish, and the lid slipped down.  Grandma Deb was showing Ava how to lick the Cool Whip off of the top.

And then we went outside for some and bubbles!

After we ate, Ava gave us a little dance routine - so cute!

And now this Mommy is going to take it easy for the rest of the night.  It's been a long, but fabulous day! 

Mom and Deb, thank you for being such good mothers to Scott and me - we wouldn't be the people we are today without your influence over the last 34 years.  We love you!

Happy Mother's Day to all of the moms and moms-to-be out there!

Saturday, May 8, 2010

We're Baaaaack!

Wow, I can't believe it's been almost 3 weeks since I've posted anything.  But, let's be honest - it's been a busy few weeks.  Clearly, I wasn't busy taking photos, as I only have 3 to show on this post. 

Let's recap what's been going on in the Goers' household:

New siding for our house...!  This is a project that we've been talking about doing for years, and we finally found someone that had the right product and the right price.  Our house is no longer a light peach color, it's Tuscan Clay with white accents.  It looks so shiny and fresh!  Now, we just need to work on our monster of a garage...

I was in Palm Springs for eight, verrrrrry loooooong days.  I was staffing a travel program for one of my favorite clients, so at least I liked who I was supporting while there.  I hadn't traveled for work since May 2007, and honestly, I don't miss it.  I guess everything changes once you have a kid.  I missed Ava like crazy, and kept seeing kids her age around the hotel.  I did call to talk to her every night, and got lots of "I love you, Mommy!" from our conversations.  I also got a text from her, unbeknownst to Scott.  It was blank, but still, a text.  She's light years ahead of Scott in that area.

The view from my hotel room - I love that we could see the snow in the mountains while it was 90-degrees in the desert!

 I staffed a dine-around at Hog's Breath, Clint Eastwood's restaurant.  This is the closest I got to seeing him.

While I was gone, I also celebrated my 34th birthday.  Well, celebrate isn't really the word for it.  The staff I was working with are fabulous, and had a cake and ice cream brought to our work room, and then we all went out for a very tasty Mexican dinner.  Not a bad second place considering I wasn't at home with Scott and Ava.

Oh!  We also saw Rosanna Arquette at our hotel.  I was helping with a tradeshow, and happened to walk right by her in the hallway.  Kinda fun to see someone famous!

I've been busy at work - we'll just leave it at that.  Good busy, but busy nonetheless.

Scott's been incredibly busy with side jobs - he's working on getting a client base for his heavy equipment profession, so he's been taking all of the side jobs he can.  It's been great for him, but it also means we don't see him as much.  We miss him!

My parents are in the process of moving back to Colorado, so Scott just got back today from a whirlwind trip to KC to pick up a load of items to bring back to our house.  Poor guy is passed out on the couch right now...we're glad he made it home safely.

I've been focusing on the Race for the Cure, which I'll be participating in tomorrow at the Mall of America.  Let me clarify - I'm not really racing.  My good friend Emilie and I will be doing the walking portion of it.  I'm looking forward to supporting the boobies of the world!

And Ava, my how she has changed in the last three weeks.  I swear, she grew 5 feet while I was gone.  She's speaking in full sentences (when she wants to), which makes it a heck of a lot easier to understand her.  The other day she looked at me and said, "Mommy, I want oranges" (meaning mandarin oranges.)  Such a simple sentence, but it blew me away that she used a noun and a verb, etc.  Look what happens when Mommy goes time I travel, she'll probably learn how to fly a plane or something...!

In general, she's still our happy, sassy little girl who continues to crack us up on a regular basis.  Her latest thing is to put her feet on the dinner table when she's done (yes, we're trying to break this habit.)  We tell her to put her feet down, and then she looks at her feet, and says, very sternly, "Down feet!  Down toes!" and proceeds to push them down, while her feet "refuse" to move.  Oh, and I think I got my first mis-truth from her the other day.  She had a mittened finger (don't ask) up her nose, and when I said, "Ava, are you picking your nose?" she looked at me, said "no", pulled the finger out and proceeded to wipe it on me.  Thank goodness there was nothing on it, but sheesh, let's not lie about something we can plainly see is happening.

Who needs fancy toys when you have an empty box?

I'm sure there's been a million other things that we've experienced over the last 21 days, but honestly, I can't remember them all.  I'm 34 now.  I'm old.

Happy Mother's Day to all of the wonderful mothers I know.  You are beautiful and so appreciated!