Sunday, January 24, 2010

Things Ava should NOT be Touching

I think the title of this post says it all...don't worry, we were watching her the whole time, so we wouldn't really let her get into trouble. :)

Daddy's stinky sock - ewwwwwww!

Books are ok to touch, obviously...but she pulled them all out.  FUN!
(I remember doing this as a child - just so I could re-shelve them all.  OCD started young with me, I think.)

The fridge...again, this is ok.  She was going after her teething rings - or maybe my wine.  We're not sure.

Forget the wine!  There's Daddy's BEER!

You think Scott would give his beer to a baby?  No.  So, here's a butter knife.

"Ahhhh...I think I'll take a break."

Back at it again!

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Lisa said...

Love the pic of her taking a break in her chair before continuing the mayhem!