Saturday, January 30, 2010

Girls Weekend Checklist

After a very disappointing Vikings game last weekend, the rest of the week didn't get much better.  We've been really busy lately, and this week it was hard to bounce back.  We had a trip planned to WI to stay with Tiffany's parents for an annual ice fishing tournament.  There were going to be a lot of people there, and last time we went, we had an absolute blast...but this time, I was just too worn out to go anywhere.  So, Scott packed up the truck and headed up north while Miss Ava and I are in the middle of a girls' weekend.

So far, we've done the following:
  1. Warm bubble baths - CHECK  (Both of us!)  (Let me clarify...separately!)
  2. Good beverages - CHECK (well, she guzzles milk like cows are going extinct, and I had cherry Kool-Aid today, so what could be better?)
  3. Yummy chocolate - CHECK (thin mint-like cookies and Halloween candy (yes, Halloween) for me, and chocolate Goldfish for Ava)
  4. Fabulous books - CHECK (we read many, many books this morning and afternoon AND evening, and I'll be reading something a little more intense than Dr Seuss later this evening.  Although, There's a Wocket in my Pocket is a little creepy - what other creatures are lurking around the house?  The Jerten in the Curtain looked a little suspicious.  Scott, come home soon!)
  5. A nice long nap - CHECK (well Ava took a 3-hour nap today, and mine was about 30 minutes - but it's better than nothing!)
  6. Gettting peed on by Lucky - CHECK (Oh wait, was this supposed to be a positive list? Fortunately, Ava avoided the mess, but my right leg took one for the team.  Even Ava started saying, "Gross!")
So, you'd think I would have taken some pictures of us doing these fun things (except #6), but I didn't.  Instead, here's a photo from last Sunday's dinner of meatloaf and mashed potatoes.  I'm learning to let my independent little girl eat everything on her own...and while food ends up everywhere, I just take many, many deep breaths to calm myself down.  But, boy, she sure did love that meal! 

Notice how her hair is styled with potatoes...these pictures just don't do the mess justice, though!

And did you notice how bright the moon was last night?  That was the brightest the moon will be in 2010 - and if you looked just to the left of the moon last night, you could see Mars.  I really wish I had a fancy camera to capture it, but my little point-and-shoot was all I had available.  Obviously, the bright part of the image is the moon, and the little orange-y squiggle to the upper left of it is Mars.  It's hard to take non-shaky shots at night - and I even had the Image Stabilizer turned on.  We were fortunate enough to have clear skies, so we had a great view.  Very cool!

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