Monday, May 4, 2009

Here, There, Everywhere!

It's funny how picture taking comes and goes in spurts. Last week, I barely took any pics of Ava, and within the last 24 hours, I took 30 of her, PLUS some video. Crazy.

Last night, we took a walk down to our neighbor Wendell's house (a.k.a. Debi's house - where Ava goes to daycare during the week.) While Scott was visiting with Wendell, Ava took a ride in the baby swing in her yard. I love the last picture of her in the swing - she looks so laid back!

She also pulled out a riding toy that all of the bigger kids get to play on during the day. By itself, it's fine for Ava, but it's part of a set with a ramp, and there's no way she could go on that yet. She did have fun pushing it around the garage, and eventually trying to push Daddy over!

After we got back from our walk (we really did walk past the neighbor's house), we gave her a bath, and I made a run for DQ. Yummm......

Ava's been getting a little too long for her footed pjs, so I had to break out her first two-piece pj set. She looks so comfy in it! This was the sleepy face I saw this morning...looks like she's thinking about something!

And then tonight, before we went off to swimming, I had Scott take a few pics of her in her cute little swimming suit and cover-up. I can't believe how cute little girl clothes are! We had a good night at swimming, except for the part where I had to dunk her head quickly underwater. She had a big grin on her face, and then she went underwater and came out crying. She immediately grabbed onto my shoulder and held tight. Luckily we distracted all of the crying kids with a round of "The Wheels on the Bus...", so she was back to all smiles in no time!

Time for bed - or at least time to go read in bed. G'night!

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