Sunday, December 11, 2016

Cookies and Compassion

We've had a family-filled fun weekend, so far.  On Friday night, I had dinner with my little family and then spent several hours with Scott's cousin and his wife.  Initially I was there to make some essential oil sprays, and then I ended up staying until past midnight...we were catching up on family things, and chatting about life, in general.  It was a great way to spend a Friday evening!

Me, Nick and Melissa

Yesterday was a baking day!  My mom came over for a big chunk of time yesterday and we did some holiday treat-making.  Ava and Mom cut out, baked and decorated the traditional sugar cookies. I spearheaded the fudge-making (although, something was different this year, as the fudge didn't turn out like it has the last several years...I'm still not sure what caused the's a mystery.)  And it took all three of us to make the sticky holiday wreaths.  All around a fun time!  G was running around during most of it, pretending to be a race car, and he only really became interested once the cookie decorating began.

Today Ava and I are headed out to watch the Nutcracker ballet...the last time we went, it was a snowy mess, and it looks like it'll be the same today!  If she behaves well (which, of course she will) I'm going to surprise her with a Caribou hot chocolate on the way home...she loves that!

With all of the excitement yesterday, G didn't take a nap.  He was a bit ornery and crabby as a result.  After dinner, he wanted to get down from his chair, and I told him he needed to wait a little bit so I could finish rinsing off some dishes.  Out of nowhere, he said, "I hate you."  Both Ava and I had the same reaction, but she actually voiced hers.  She told G that was a very mean thing to say and that he needed to apologize.  And then she proceeded to give me lots of hugs and insisted on sitting next to me during our family movie night last night.  I had to remind myself that he's only three, but hearing him say that really, really hurt.  I was proud of Ava for responding as she did, since she could see how much it hurt me. 

Those aren't words that we use in our house, so Scott was asking him this morning where he heard that phrase...we think it must be at daycare.  G clearly knew that what he said was wrong as he apologized later last night, and told me that he didn't hate me at all.  And then he said, "We don't talk like that."  So, he knows, but OUCH.  All because I wouldn't stop what I was doing to clean him up... 

We'll take this as a learning opportunity and make sure he understands that his words hurt.  It's interesting, as we never went through this with Ava, and we never really struggled with her repeating naughty words.  G is the opposite, and he DOES repeat words back.  Two very different kids...
Last Sunday we went to the city library for the "Artist's Reception" of Ava's paintings was chosen to be on display for the month of December.  I LOVE this picture and will definitely have it framed when we get it back home!

Santa sent each kid their very own letters for!

This girl loves to read...

Happy snowy Sunday!

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