Sunday, September 25, 2016

My Own "Man of Steel"

We've quickly settled back into a normal, school, homework, seeing friends and family, etc.  This week had some high moments though:  Ava and I went in for our annual eye exams, and she might need to get glasses.  She is SO excited about it...she already has her frames picked out.  I say "might" because the doctor wasn't emphatic about her needing them; he said they might help when she's reading, or looking at the boards in school.  So...we'll see.  Maybe I'll wait for a special where if both she and I can purchases new lenses, there's a price break. 

Also, I went it to get my hair cut on Tuesday night...usually I'm pretty neutral on what we do with it, but this time, I had a plan!  My amazing stylist and I had a chat about short hair, and how it would work for me.  My biggest concern is that I'll look like a boy with short hair.  We ended up doing a super short bob, and I love it!  When I walked in on Tuesday night after getting the haircut, G just looked at me, smiled, pointed, and said, "I like that."  So, if the two-year old gives his approval, it must be good!  Ava told me that I look just like Grandma Karen, which I am taking as a compliment!

Scott and I celebrated our 11th wedding anniversary last night....crazy!  I'm not sure where the time has gone!  The traditional gift for #11 is "steel"...that seems appropriate since Scott is very much like the "man of steel."  We went out for a nice dinner in Edina, and enjoyed some adult conversation (although the last 5 minutes of our drive back home consisted of determining if people try to sell sure how adult that is!  The best part was Scott trying to voice search on his phone.  He received a lot of hits for the following things for sale:  motors, robots, Burker King, and buggies.  However, when I tried, I got the correct info, right away!  And yes, "boogers for sale" is a REAL - and gross - thing!)

The kids were fabulous (as usual when other people are watching them) for Grandma Karen and Grandpa Doug.  I'm always amazed to hear what perfect little children they are when we aren't around...

Scott picked up these lovely flowers for me...gorgeous!

He also picked up these beautiful chrysanthemums, which we can hopefully keep blooming for a while.

We were going to try to go to an apple orchard today as a family, but it's raining.  It's supposed to clear up by mid-morning, so we'll have to play it by ear.  I have a big site launch tomorrow (2nd one in less than two weeks), so I'm hoping my work-life balance can return to normal in the next week or so.  Just in time for the holiday chaos! :)

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