Sunday, May 1, 2016

Rustic Painting

It was a nice, quiet birthdays, no hospital trips, nothing chaotic or scary.  All four of us stayed healthy, busy and happy.  I was very productive at work, which makes the weekend even more enjoyable.

Earlier in April, my neighbor/friend and I decided to plan a girls night out at this cool little store in town called Rustic Junk'tion.  We booked the night for a private event where we all made custom signs for our homes.  We brought it snacks and drinks, and had a great time chatting, eating and painting.  During the long winters, we don't see each other as much as we do during the summer, so it was really good to catch up and hear what is happening in everyone's lives.

 Wynne and Nancy, checking out Wynne's very cool lake sign

Allie and Emily, working on their Minnesota state silhouettes

Kristin's name sign turned out so well!

The finished products...

Close up of our I have to figure out where to hang it!

Nice little embellishment on the flower...

Now that I've done this once, there are a few things I would change, but for a first-time project, it was perfect.  We had fun, got out of the house, and saw friends...and that's what matters!

I don't even have any pics of the kids this week, but look what else is happening?!  I'm always in a state of disbelief when the trees and flowers start to it's just a joke, and we'll go back to winter if we enjoy it too much.  But, I think spring is really here!!

Scott took the kids grocery shopping, so the house is eerily quiet...better get into high gear to get some stuff done before they get back!  Happy Springy Sunday!

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