Sunday, May 8, 2016


This was a good week.  Busy, and sometimes not so good at work, but it was one of those weeks that made me appreciate how good our lives are, and how much I love it when everything runs like clockwork. Or, as George Banks (Mary Poppins) would say, "Precision and order..."

I had a site launch at work for a new client on Monday, and while there were issues, none of them were due to the technology on our side..all of that extra work paid off! It feels goods to see something work well after months of long discussions.  Plus, my review was bumped up a few months early, per my director's request, and took place this week. This was probably one of the best reviews I have ever had. It's nice to see that my coworkers and upper management recognize all of the hard work that I do for my projects and customers!

I was able to cap off the week with a belated birthday massage and dinner out on Friday night with one of my very good friends. It was the perfect way to kick off the weekend!

G got his pictures taken at daycare this week...I've decided he is a very photogenic kid, as the pictures turned out adorable! He's getting more independent and aware every day. He's very concerned when I leave in the blue car, or where daddy is in the red truck. Colors are our main adjectives these days. Such a little joy!

Ava and I went to the Rosemount High School production of Mary Poppins last night; it was really good! Excellent singing and performances! I was fascinated with the little boy who played Michael Banks...he reminded me of G, and was so fun to watch him interact with the cast. Ava had a friend spend the night on Friday, so she was very, very sleepy during the latter half of the play...I sympathized, but explained why going to sleep at midnight isn't always the best idea. She agreed. Lol.

Wide awake and excited!

This is what a tired 7-year old looks like when you tell her that there's still the second act remaining...

We also added to our family this week...chalk one more up for the male side! We added an elephant ear male betta fish to our mix!  Ava and I have been planning for this for a few weeks, so we were picked him up last Sunday.  Bloop has been a fun addition...Ava has taken full responsibility for feeding him twice a day, and even G likes saying good morning to him each day.  We ended up buying a tank that's easier to clean, so from that perspective, it's been good for me!

Meet Bloop!

We're going to be heading out for brunch this morning for Mother's Day, and then Scott will be taking the kids to visit his mom, while I head over to spend some time with my mom.  The weather looks beautiful, and we have so many things to be grateful for.  We are blessed!

Happy Mother's Day!

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