Sunday, December 20, 2015

For the Love of Books

We've been raising quite the reader over the last several years. I have always loved to read, and it pleases me to see how much Ava enjoys spending time with her nose in books. She has a daily reading log for school, and the last few months, she has exceeded the number of minutes that have been set for her goal.  Awesome!

G also loves to have books read to him, and while we started off with two books a night, he's now insisting on me reading a gajillion books each night.  Some nights I have the time to read more, and other nights I don't.  Imagine how happy I was last week when Ava told me that SHE would read to G before bed! Of course, she first asked if the minutes would count towards her reading girl. It was awesome to settle them both into the glider, and extract myself so I could run to the grocery store for a few minutes. And because it was a novel (haha) experience for both of them, they were both happy to read 10+ books in one sitting.

I'm not going to take advantage of this too often, but it's so good to know that I have a backup reader on my hands (no, Scott doesn't enjoy reading, but will do it if he's the last option.) Last night, I cut G off at four books, which he wasn't thrilled with, but then I rocked him to sleep, so he still got some great mommy time before bed.  Love that boy so much!!

Ava and Grandma Karen had a blast making Christmas cookies yesterday. I mostly just supervised -yeah, right - and waited for my turn to make fudge.  It was a sweet, sweet afternoon at the Goers' house!

I can't believe Christmas is next week! All I have left to do is wrap a few remaining presents, and we will have done everything on the 2015 Christmas list! I know it's not as fun to work off of a list for the holidays, but in this house, that's how things get done...we've had the opposite come true in years past, and it's not a jolly experience!

Time to start the day with some coffee and fudge cutting. Yum!

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