Sunday, December 6, 2015


Ava's school had a fundraiser this past fall, and by selling a certain number of items, she was able to choose a prize.  She (and me) had her heart set on a plug-in disco ball, so imagine our disappointment when they sent her a pair of blow-up shoes instead. The shoes were defective, so it gave me a great opportunity to contact their customer service. They were incredibly helpful, and within a week, Ava got the disco ball delivered to her!

I had no idea how much fun this disco light would's a blast! There have been lots of spontaneous dance parties! Ava really wanted me to install it in her room, but I had to be a party pooper and say can't be her permanent overhead light.  Can you imagine??

In addition to disco ball deliveries, we also got our new bed last Sunday, and our new living room furniture yesterday afternoon. We're loving everything so far.  My back hasn't been sore at all this week after I wake up, so I'm considering the bed a success!  The living room furniture is super comfy and the color looks great in the room...very cozy.

Last night, Emilie and I checked out the European Christmas Market in downtown St Paul. We had so much fun at the one in Vienna a few years ago, but we knew this was going to be a much smaller version. But, it was still fun! We made some purchases, drank some glühwein (warm, mulled red wine,) ate some food, and enjoyed a perfect winter night outside. The market was also right next to the North Pole train, so it added to the holiday experience.  After we spent a few hours there, we caught the light rail to Rice Park, and enjoyed all of the lit trees. And then it was time to get warm, and head home! We're hopeful that next year, they'll add more vendors, and grow the space at the's a fun way to spend a beautiful winter night outside!

This was in St Paul last night...

And this was in Vienna in 2010...and on a much grander scale!

Lots of Christmas-y type things to do's such a wonderful time of the year!

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