Sunday, November 15, 2015

Another Weekend in the Books

Hunting weekend #2 is drawing to a close, and when we spoke to Scott last night, he hadn't "caught" a deer (Ava's words) at that point.  I don't think he has seen too many deer over the last two weekends, so I think the warmer weather is having an effect on how much they're moving about.

It'll be interesting to see if he decides to head up north again for the final weekend...he had mentioned that if he did NOT, then we could work on painting the office.  Clearly, that option has my vote!

It's been a rough week...I've been sick for the majority of it, we did another round of lice treatment on Ava and found some small ones (that's ok - we were expecting that...the goal was to kill them before they become mature enough to lay any eggs.  We'll do a 3rd treatment this coming week.)  And our sweet Darla's health has spiraled downwards, very quickly.  Last weekend she started scratching at her right eye, and ended up ripping off chunks of flesh, resulting in open wounds, and a very swollen face.  Scott took her to the vet, and she is now on a variety of meds to help clear the infections.  She has been very good at taking the pills, and letting me put the ointment on her wounds...better than I thought she would be.  I put together a very elaborate calendar for her meds over the next several weeks - and Ava said she needed a pill case/box like her grandparents!  Fingers crossed that things go well for her over the next few weeks.

We watched the movie Inside Out last night, and both Ava and I decided that it was a good, but very sad movie. It's all about emotions and memories - and it had me crying at a few places.  It was a good way to end a long day of being "stuck" inside with just the three of us.  We actually had a pretty good day yesterday; Ava and G played together well for most of the time, and allowed me to get some cleaning done around the house.  Darla and her cone caused more issues than either kid did....walking into walls, tripping up steps, knocking things over... 

They were being super silly after dinner last night...I love that G is now reacting/interacting with "Aya"!

I'm counting down the hours until Scott returns...this mom needs just a few minutes of quiet, alone time.  We'll see if he brings a four-legged friend home with him!

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