Sunday, October 18, 2015

Bath time for Butterfly

It was a big week for Butterfly. She was hand picked by Ava to make the long journey to school, to be a part of the second grade stuffed animal show this past Wednesday. Butterfly gets a LOT of love at home, and goes everywhere with Ava. This means that Butterfly needed to be spruced up a bit before being shown off.

As Butterfly was getting a bath in the delicate cycle, I heard comments from Ava like, "This is so harsh!" and "I hope her eyes don't come off."  (For the record, her eyes are embroidered onto her face, so if they come off, I'm going to be concerned about how "harsh" are washer really is, especially the regular cycles!) At one point, I checked in on Butterfly, and pointed out that she was still smiling, even though she was floating upside down, trapped in a mesh bag, face completely submerged by soapy water.

And in the end, the girl and her butterfly had an awesome day together. And Butterfly even won a blue ribbon for being the Best Flier in class!

We also received Ava's second grade pictures, and we think they turned out great! I was comparing her first and second grade pics, and couldn't believe how much more grown up she looks this year.  Beautiful!

Due to MEA, schools were closed on Thursday and Friday, so Ava had a fun time doing an in-house craft with Abrakadoodle (she made a super cute pink clay elephant,) and then hitting up an apple orchard with the group. They picked apples, drank cider, ate donuts, and checked out the packing line.  What a fun week for that girl!

Our little guy didn't have such a good week, though.  He got sick on Tuesday night, so we kept him home the next day, and yesterday, he was running a fever. Poor little guy...hopefully he'll shake this illness soon.

Should be another beautiful fall day...might be one of the last ones we have, so we're going to get out there and enjoy it!

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