Sunday, November 23, 2014

Mini Murph

G has been one cranky baby lately...crabby enough that his daycare provider contacted me on Tuesday to let me know what a tough day he had been having.  Very clingy, whiny, not eating the greatest...but no fever, so that was one positive!  I was a little worried to see how the rest of the week would go, but nothing else came of it.  He had much better days the rest of the week, but he does have a bit of a cold.  He's been sleeping so much lately, and when he's awake and happy, he's my little Gare-Bear; but when he's cranky, watch out - it's intense!  He's discovered how to screech really loudly, and stiffen his entire body when he doesn't want to do something.  Looks like we're moving into the wonderful years of having a toddler!  But, he is doing a great job of feeding himself, and is NOT happy when he sees jars of baby food.  He really wants to eat whatever we're eating, so that's making mealtime a bit different than in previous times.  Today he ate half a banana for breakfast and did an excellent job getting most of it into his mouth.  Way to go, little guy!

My parents watched the kiddos for a bit for the early evening on Friday.  I had an appointment at the end of the day, and Scott headed up north for his last hunting weekend of the year (and yes, he did get another deer this weekend...)  My parents picked G up from daycare, and then met Ava at the house when she got off of the bus.  Ava was such a big helper to my parents, which I know they appreciated.  And G walked all the way from the fireplace to the couch (probably 7' or so.)  He is one tough little guy to contain, although he does know the word "no"...but he will generally smile when he hears it, and keeps on doing whatever he shouldn't be doing.  Sigh...

My parents came over on Saturday to spend the evening with us.  They picked up dinner for all of us, which included a cute little pizza making kit from Papa Murphy's for Ava.  She had fun decorating her Mini Murph pizza, and said that it was really tasty!  We're going to have to remember that for future fun family nights!


Hangin' out with Grandpa Doug

Grandma Karen and Sassy Ava!

This afternoon, Ava and I are going to a candy making class for three hours.  I have no idea why it's going to take three hours to make candy, but it should be fun, nonetheless.  I'm hoping she can stay focused for three hours and not lose interest in why we're there.  We shall see!

All of our snow has melted, which seems weird for this time of year...last time I let the dogs outside, I noticed it felt like spring.  The area of the yard that the dogs go to is a soupy, muddy mess - makes me miss the packed snow!  Scott and I are going to have to get creative next spring, and make sure that part of the yard is finished first, so we're not dealing with months of endless mud!

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Megan said...

I thought it felt like spring yesterday, too! Unfortunately I have a feeling we haven't seen the end of winter :( poor G --molars?? So great that your parents are able to be around more, im sure they love it!!