Sunday, June 8, 2014


What a fun week we've had!  Lots of stuff going on at work, around the house, and with the kids.  Ava's last day of school is this coming Wednesday, so last Thursday, four of the eight Kindergarten classes presented the Kindergarten Program (the other four classes were scheduled for another time - I can't imagine what it would be like to have all of the 150 squirmy, excited Kindergarteners on one stage...all at the same time. Yikes!)

Not only was Thursday Ava's concert day, but it was also her day to bring birthday treats to school (the summer birthdays have been treating the class over the last few weeks.)  So, of course what would happen on Thursday morning?  Ava woke up feeling a little under the weather.  We watched her closely and decided to send her to school, hoping that she would last through the day.  And she did!  She was back to her normal self by Thursday night...thank goodness for short lived sickness.  She was excited to be the Birthday Girl on Thursday, and she was thrilled to be on stage, performing all of the songs they've been working on.  Check it out here!

Ava is looking forward to her last day of school, as well as hanging out with Sheila and all of the other kids at daycare this summer.  When Ava came in with me to pick up G on Thursday afternoon, right away Sheila said, "Wow, she looks like Dad."  She sure does!  If she had dark hair and dark eyes, she'd be a mini-Scott!

Ready for the concert!

Ava and Ms. Meister (her teacher)

G had a big week, too...he crawled for the first time!  He's been rocking on all fours for a while, and then he would belly flop, and kick all appendages around...but the only way that works to propel yourself forward is if you're in water.  And he was on carpet, so...not so much.  But, he finally pieced it together, and now he can move!  It's certainly not fluid or fast, but he's got the basic skills down.  And now I'm realizing how much bigger this house is to baby-proof!  He and Darla had a little meeting while he was crawling around our room.  Watch it here!

We also made it through carrots and squash, so we're expanding beyond the green veggies.  Plus, we've now added cereal with cinnamon to the menu for breakfast, and he seems happy-ish about that.  I don't think anyone could be happy-happy about rice cereal, but at least we've made it less bland.


A little computer time to start off a Saturday morning...

Look at me go!

Taking a break...

Now that the rain has finally stopped, Scott's going to be able to get started on our retaining wall in our backyard.  Sod will be put in next weekend, assuming that the grading of the yards will be completed.  It is going to be SO nice to have a real yard again!  I'll need to take before/after pics to show the progress.

Today should be a great day...the sun is shining, both kids are smiling and happy, and Scott made bacon.  What else could we want? ;)  Happy Day!

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