Sunday, June 1, 2014

An Artist and a Rock Star

I took Garrett to get his latest vaccinations yesterday, and Ava made a big stink about not watching the nurse give him his shots.  Totally understand, I don't like watching that either.  I turned my head away, and instructed Ava to do the same...except what do I find?  Ava right next to me, her gaze locked on the shots.  And that's exactly what she did with her own shots, too. I find that very interesting, so last night at dinner, we had a little discussion about future careers.

Me: "Ava, I noticed you were watching Garrett get his shots.  Would you be interested in being a doctor?"
Ava: "No."
Me: "A nurse?"
Ava. "No."

Pretty exciting so far, right?  You'd never know that she was such a chatty girl with these verbose responses.  Or, perhaps we had just been after her to finish eating, and I was disrupting that process.  Who knows.

Me: "Well, Ava, what were you interested in doing?"
Ava: "Weeeeelllllll, I was thinking about being an artist.  AND, a rock star."

Atta girl.

So, G's had a bit of a rough 24 hours.  He cried when he got his shots (of course) and he just hasn't been himself since then.  He was running a small fever, and I think I only got 2 smiles out of him yesterday - definitely not normal for him.  He also slept for about 6 hours yesterday - also unusual for him, since he generally naps for under 2 hours/day.  I'm hoping that today is a better day for the little guy.

He's so close to crawling, and sitting on his own...and he loves to stand, with help!

Look Ma, one hand!

LOVE this smile!

Earlier this week, I was in another room, and I heard Ava giggling and talking to G.  When I came back into the family room, I noticed he had a mohawk!  I asked Ava how she did it, and when we got to the part at her getting her hands wet, I asked how she did that.  Turns out, she just spit in her hands and styled his hair with that.  Gross.

My little stylist!

Cool and collected...

I've been very busy this week working on our built-ins around the TV/fireplace.  I went to Ikea last Monday and bought of bunch of stuff to help organize it, and throughout the week, it's been coming together nicely.  In a roundabout way, that also inspired me to work on G's baby book, as well as putting together scrapbooks for Ava and G's professional pictures.  It's been such a great feeling to get these projects underway, and check some of them off the list. 

I've also been working on the guest bedroom and decorating the front entryway.  I had fun with the letter G, some paint, and mod podge yesterday. :)  However...I think what's really happening is that I'm avoiding the front office - it's a total disaster, and I know it's going to take hours of work to get things organized. As soon as I wrap up these other projects, that's my next focus.  I promise! ;)

It's a rainy day today, soooo...we can't work outside on the retaining wall, but...more time to focus on inside projects! 

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