Sunday, May 25, 2014

Oh Peas!

We've been slow (lazy?) about moving G's diet along.  With Ava, we were so good, so structured!  There was a schedule, a plan, a METHOD to how new foods were introduced to her.  Green veggies first, then the orange veggies, and then fruit can be introduced - there IS a reason for this, I promise!  The green veggies aren't as sweet, and they need to be accepted first. If you start with the sweet stuff first, they might never fully accept the green veggies. 

With G...not so much.  "Oh, hey, do you think that maybe he should start eating veggies?"  "Yeah."  "Cool."  And's taken 3 weeks (maybe more?) for the green beans to get the all clear.  He likes them, he's not allergic, it's good.  We can move on!  We then tried sweet potato puffs to work on his coordination.  He's not coordinated, and let's just leave it at that.  But, he doesn't mind chomping on them once they are in (and stay in) his mouth.

And then we tried peas.  Oh, those peas were baaaad news.  There were tears, gagging, and an all-around sense of despair and misery surrounding the event.  The sad thing is that we need to go through this several more times (with peas) as it can take up to 10 times for a baby to accept a new food.  Sigh.

Green bean happiness!

Oh, the horror!  Why, Mom, why, do you make me eat these pea MONSTERS!

Still not happy about the peas, but deciding he might be too hungry to waste energy on all of the tears...

Meanwhile, this little girl was happily eating her non-pea meal.  It appears as though their roles reversed momentarily.  No worries, we got everything quickly flipped back to normal where Ava is sassy and G is smiley.  All is right with the world.  Except the peas.  They are SO not right.

We've had a pretty nice long weekend so far...Friday night kicked off with an impromptu bonfire and drinks at the neighbors.  I was so comfortable sitting by the fire, I didn't get up for three hours!  We were hoping to catch some of the meteor shower, but at 12:30am, I just couldn't make it any longer.  I gathered up Ava (yes, she was still up at that time...the other kids were sleeping) and we headed home on the short walk across the yards. 

This same group had talked about having a bonfire last night, but I think we were all too exhausted.  We cooked up some s'mores after dinner, and headed in.  Pretty sure this entire family was all sleeping by 9:30pm.  :)

Today, we're going to enjoy a nice breakfast, run some errands, maybe check out the pool (it opened on Friday!) and then we're getting together with the neighbors for a BBQ later this afternoon.  I'm happy that we have moved into a neighborhood with such nice people...but I'm a little bummed.  Two of the families have put their houses on the market, so I know it's short-lived.  We'll enjoy their company while we have it!  And, one of the families is moving within Rosemount, so they're only a few miles away.  The other family is moving to a neighboring city, AND, their new house has five fire pits (5?!?) so we're already planning an "old neighborhood" get together.

I thank God every day for the technology that we have in our lives.  I can't imagine what it would be like to have a baby, and not have a monitor for that child.  Stepping that up, I can't imagine what it would be like to not have a VIDEO monitor.  Things like this make parenting a bit easier... I love seeing all of the positions he sleeps in.  Face down, that's gotta be comfortable, right?!  Ha!

On a more sobering note, we're hoping to get out to Ft Snelling tomorrow to visit Scott's dad, as well as his grandparents.  We talked about it a little last night, and he doesn't enjoy going out there (makes him really, really sad), but he knows he needs to.  It's important to check in on Bruce, even though he's in our thoughts every day.  Ava's on board, she's excited to visit and pay her respects.  We'll see how it goes...

Happy Memorial Day!

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