Sunday, September 29, 2013

Sounding it Out

I am so impressed by what Ava has learned in her first few weeks of Kindergarten...she is constantly sounding out words, singing and dancing around the house, and practicing her addition - on her fingers AND toes!

Tonight we picked up some popcorn to watch during a movie, and on the drive back to the house, Ava was sounding out all of the words on the box.  It just amazes me how they much she wants to learn...and it makes me very thankful for people who choose to be teachers (cause I sure couldn't do it!)

Every day she comes home and tells us about her adventures in art, music class, PE, the computer labs, the library, and even lunch!  I'm so pleased that each day she looks forward to going to school...and each night, she enjoys doing her homework.  Except practicing tying her shoes...that's not working out so great.  But, we'll get there - I'm sure of it!

We're also trying to get to the public library every few it gives us a chance to hang out with friends!  This same friend, Lynda, offered to watch Ava last Tuesday night, so Scott and I could go out for a kid-free dinner for our 8th wedding anniversary.  We kept in low-key but totally enjoyed our adult meal out...and when we picked up Ava, we found out that they had fed her duck for dinner - and she loved it!  I'm so grateful for having the chance to reconnect with Lynda - I know I've said it before, but there's something very comforting about spending time with a friend who has known me for over 15 years.  And even better that our kids adore each other!

Reading about Eloise, the Pirate!

Baby update: I'm 34 weeks, and getting ready!  I tweaked the birth plan we had put together for Ava's birth, and have put together directions for my friend Emilie, in the event that I go into labor while at work.  I'm going to start packing my bag, and need to put together a bag of stuff for the little guy, so it's easily accessible regardless of where we're living when he makes his grand appearance!

I'm still feeling pretty good, but I'm enjoying this countdown.  I am looking forward to getting rid of the heartburn and general discomfort that comes with pregnancy, and I really want to meet the little man who keeps making my belly bounce all over!

House update: We drove down this morning, and found the house all locked up!  Good thing one of the windows was unlocked - Scott opened one, climbed through and let us in the front before we left, we kept one of the basement windows unlocked, to make it easy for our next B&E adventure.  It would be a shame not to be able to see all the progress that's happening on the inside!  And, boy...there is definitely progress!  The inside walls have been painted, much more!

Almost done with siding...and the stone is up in front of the garage

Official address!!

The interior doors are just waiting to be installed...

Mud room floor is in!

Stone is in around the fireplace

Kitchen cabinets and microwave have been installed!

Ava and Baby G's bathroom...

My laundry room floor is in! YAY!

Our bedroom - so much room...

Our bathroom...excited to have a floor (yes, I know it's a small thing, but it makes me happy!)

My parents are coming next weekend for a visit, so hopefully we won't have to break in (too much) to show them how much more progress has been made. 

Right now, I'm heading out for a pedi with a good friend - we need to take advantage of this gorgeous fall day...winter will be here before we know it!  (And Scott was hunting up north all weekend, so this mom needs a break from the kiddo!)

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