Sunday, September 15, 2013

Rock On!

And when I say "rock on" I'm totally referring to sheet rock...something that we've been waiting to see for a loooong time in our house.  Now that the sheet rock is up, I'm pretty sure we can schedule our closing, and get a better idea for when we'll be able to take ownership of our new house!  We've also started discussing a plan for moving, so we need to get working on that, as well. 

Thank God that the end is near for our time at this rental (fingers crossed that I didn't just jinx us!)  Scott and I were discussing last night that our housing situation this summer truly has been less than ideal...I think we've both been trying not to let it bother us, but the way the foreclosure/sale has gone down has left us with a bad impression.  We will be VERY happy to get into our own place again!

We have a front porch - yay!

The garage...huge.  And, now, with a service door!

View inside from the front door (study on right)

Looking into the study - need some good ideas on how to organize/decorate this room so it looks nice, but is still a functional office

It was getting dark when we went to the house and there was NO way I was going to check out the basement without a light.  But, I hear that the floors have been poured down there. :)

Our family room

And kitchen - so excited for the pantry!

The guest bedroom upstairs (still waiting on that window to be replaced...)

Ava's room!

My laundry room

Baby Boy's room - and Scott checking out the property lines (story to come shortly)

Our master bedroom - I like the tray vaulting!

Master closet on the left, master bath on the right

Shower and tub!

So, when we were there last night, it was pouring rain...but Scott wanted to check out the stakes and property lines in our backyard.  He got very wet and muddy, but he determined that the neighbors built their fence in about 6' into our yard and the back on one side, and the other neighbors laid sod about 3' in on the other side.  So, where our property lines should be straight back, it looks like we've been wedged in a bit.  Scott wants to talk to the builder so they can address the issue with the neighbors...and I just want it to be handled tactfully so we're not "those" people when we move in.  I see it from the taxpaying point of view, but I also want to make sure that we enjoy the neighborhood, and can make friends there!  Should be an interesting discussion...
The siding (or "the color" according to Ava) has also been added to the back, but we had a slight change in the board & batten color for the front, which led to a few more external color changes.  It should be fun to see how it all comes together.  We're pretty neutral in our color choices, so at least we have the freedom to add color to the house with plants, etc.

In other news...Ava's first full week at Kaposia was a success!  Scott got a call from her teacher, just to let us know that Ava is doing great.  He didn't have much more info than that, so I think I need to re-route the calls so they come to I can ask questions. :)  Gotta know how my baby girl is doing!

Ava and I worked on some homework yesterday before she went to Grandma Deb and Grandpa Whitey's house.  She needed to come up with three rules that we follow in our house, and then I needed to help her write them down.  It took a bit of time (and reminders to focus) but we did finally get three full sentences on the piece of paper.  Once again, I am impressed by people who can be teachers...or childcare providers of any sort.  They have the patience of saints!

Scott made BLTs the other night for dinner, and I noticed Ava giggling at her chair.  I looked over and asked why she had made a face on her sandwich.  And not just any face...a mad face.  I'm still not sure what the answer was because I was so distracted by the sandwich.  Once again, I'm shown that it's the little things that can bring joy to ordinary moments!

As for me, I'm 32 weeks, with just 8 weeks to go....yahooooo!  According to averages, Baby Boy is about 17", and 4 lbs right now.  He's running out of room to move, but let me tell you, he's finding crevices to explore that I didn't know existed.  I'm thinking that I need to start a special moving box for him...diapers, creams, onesies, etc., that we'll keep handy, since we won't be able to have his room ready by the time he comes.  I know we'll have enough going on that at least if we have the basics readily accessible, we'll be scrambling less for things.  Which reminds me...I need to stock up on diapers, creams, onesies, etc... :) 
 Time to get moving...lots to do and not nearly enough time!

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