Sunday, June 16, 2013

Father's Day / Birthday!

We had AMAZING weather today for Father's Day!  After an endless stream of rainy, gloomy days, the sun came out today, and there were blue skies and sunshine for most of the day.  Scott really wanted to smoke some meat today, and the weather cooperated.  I even took a break from my never-ending to-do list, and sat outside for a few hours, soaking up the warmth, and chatting with Scott, while Ava napped.  It was a fantastic afternoon!

Actually, it's been a pretty great week.  Ava's first week of summer camp was a blast, and she's already made new friends with some of the new girls in her class.  We're also prepping for her 5th birthday party next weekend...should be a fun time with some of her little friends!

I had Friday afternoon off of work, and went out to lunch and did some shopping with my friend Emilie.  I got some really cute maternity clothes, and I'm hoping that will get me through the next several months...without getting too bored of my wardrobe.  Ha!  We finished off the night by picking up Ava, and taking her to Cherry Berry.  She got quite the concoction of Cookie Monster-Birthday Cake-Strawberry-Mango Sorbet...and lots of sprinkles and fruit.  Yum?  But, she enjoyed it, and in the meantime, she ended up making a new friend with a little boy who was there.  We overheard their discussion about how each of their moms was going to be having a new baby soon...pretty funny!

Saturday morning started off with Scott's wallet going missing...right when he was trying to leave to get to work.  Ava was on the couch, watching the iPad while we were frantically searching the house.  After 20 minutes, I asked Ava if she had seen his wallet and she fessed up that she had hid it in the closet.  Even though this delayed Scott by 30 minutes, all we could do was laugh...such a sneaky girl!

Yesterday afternoon, we went to Scott's cousin's graduation party, where we had awesome food, and had a chance to catch up with family. Ava had a blast running around with the older was a very nice way to spend a Saturday night.

We had Grandma Deb, Grandpa Whitey and Great-Grandma Addy over for dinner tonight...part Father's Day celebration / part early-birthday celebration for Ava.  Ava was all wound up when it was time to open gifts...I can hardly wait to see what she'll be like throughout this week, with all of her little parties!

Enjoying a freezy-pop!

19 weeks!

SOOO excited!

This week is going to be so crazy, but at least it will be fun! Happy early 5th birthday to our sweet little girl!

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