Sunday, January 27, 2013

Workin' that Pencil Grip

I often feel that our lives (and our office) is overrun with paper.  It can become overwhelming, as things get misplaced, notifications go unread, etc.  This past week I took both Monday and Friday off of work, and got that paper monster under control!  The biggest pile to go through and determine what to discard was Ava's preschool craft projects.  She's brought home so many cute crafts over the last several months, and it breaks my heart to throw them away, but if I don't choose my favorites and discard the rest, we'd be up to our eyeballs in glitter, construction paper and paint.  For now, it's under control and the office is on its way to being neat and tidy again!

In addition to the fun crafts that Ava is bringing home, we're also beginning to see some homework.  I am very grateful that we're not dealing with the super heavy-duty homework yet...I'm beginning to have flashbacks of the hours of calculus (not sure why I'm fixated on that - after all, she is only FOUR) that I had in high school.  For now, we're working on writing the ABCs correctly, and participating in the Reading Races.  I can handle this homework. :)  But once again, it's been made clear to me that I would never be a good teacher (lacking enormous amounts of patience) - so I'm incredibly grateful for the people in our community who have signed up for that job!  My hats off to you!

And continuing the school theme...we've registered Ava for Summer Camp at Maple Tree. It sounds like they are going to have so many fun summer activities...makes me want to be a kid again!  Also, I can't remember if I posted about it earlier, but we received her Kindergarten Round-Up info for Kaposia.  I was watching some videos of Ava when she was a baby, and then I catch a glimpse of her now and am floored by how much she has changed.  It makes me happy, but also breaks my heart a bit.  She's not our little baby anymore...  On the nights that I give her a bath, we play an "Ava is a baby" game where she sits in my lap, all wrapped up in her towel, and I sing her a lullaby that I used to sing to her when she was a baby.  She thinks it's great fun, and I think, "Thank God babies aren't 40 pounds!"  :)

I've just had some time to reminisce about her baby-days, and while I'm very happy with the little girl she has turned in to, it's hard to accept that she'll never be my little baby again...

Well, that was a bit of a detour from Kindergarten Round-Up!  Now that I've got the Paper Monster under control, it should be a breeze to finish up the paperwork and get ready for this next adventure for Ava.  Guess that will be a good Sunday project!

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