Sunday, September 30, 2012

Three Down, One to Go!

This has been the season for weddings...after years of maybe having one wedding every few years, we hit another wedding spurt this year. From the end of August through late November, we have four weddings to attend.  We just wrapped up #3 last night, and had a blast!  This wedding was for Scott's best friend's (Dan) cousin, Jake. Scott has known this family since he was 14, and started hunting with all of Dan's family.  They are hilarious, fun, and really know how to throw a good party!

Planning an outdoor wedding for late September in Minnesota is could be boiling hot, or snowing, or...absolutely perfect like it was yesterday. The weather was GORGEOUS.  And the setting was beautiful - it took place in an outdoor garden, which had beautiful flowers and water features.  And I even saw a hummingbird there at the rehearsal on Thursday evening!  I'm not sure why that thrills me so much, but it really does!  So, everything was absolutely perfect, and the ceremony was hilarious.  The shuttle from the hotel was 30 minutes late, so the ceremony started off with a big cheer when the remaining people finally arrived. The groom was having flower issues, and ended up cracking up the entire crowd with his attempt to fix his boutonnniere.  The pastor sounded like a game announcer, so it was riveting to listen to his message.  And one of the ushers (*ahem* Scott) ended up herding everyone down the aisle so quickly at the end of the ceremony, we were all out of there within six minutes!

All in all, it was awesome!  We had a fun social hour directly following the ceremony, and then a tasty Italian dinner, followed up by beer, beer, and more beer.  Well, wine for me, but beer for everyone else!  They had a fun photobooth, so Scott and I got our pictures taken, and then we hit the dance floor.  Scott was a great sport and danced many songs with me...maybe he had too much fun, as I had to pull him off the dance floor!

After being there for almost twelve hours, we finally decided to leave around 10:45p.m., so we piled a not-so-sober Scott and SuperDave into the car, and we headed out.  That was the longest 45 minute drive for me...I still have halos from my LASIK, and I don't think my eyes are at 20/20, so my vision isn't super clear.  On the plus side, it was a quiet drive, as both passengers were happily sleeping away! But, man, I was tired, and very happy when we got back into SSP.  Turns out the long car ride didn't sit well with Scott...but he's feeling great this morning!

We were placed at the table with Dan's family (that's Dan's wife, Sara and son, Hunter in the picture.) Hunter is super shy, but I managed to get him to talk and smile at me. Never got to dance him with, tho!  Notice Scott and Dan in the background...identical poses...they are so much alike!

I loved these simple centerpieces!

This guy cleans up nicely!

Strawberry jam and can coozies for the favors!  And quite possibly, the biggest boutonnieres I have ever seen.  No wonder Jake had flower issues!

Such a smartie...he had me bring a change of clothes for him! He was definitely more comfy in this compared to his tux!

Our photo booth idea!

What else did we do this week?  We celebrated anniversary #7 on Monday with a great dinner at home, met with our realtor on Tuesday (the house is off the market until January - we're going to make some minor changes to the house and see if that sparks any buyers), Wednesday was Oktoberfest at BI (awesome, awesome, awesome - beer, brats and work!), Thursday was the rehearsal, and Friday was busy picking up the tux and eating out as a family.  Whew.  I think this upcoming week is a little more calm.

And it looks like it's going to be another beautiful fall day, so I think we're going to try to make some spiced apple cider, decide on Halloween costumes, and look for some fun fall crafts for next weekend's adventure with Amy, Kelsi and Kourtney!  Have a great Sunday!

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