Sunday, March 4, 2012

Finally...a Snowman!

For the first time this winter, we've had a few consectutive days of snowy, cold weather.  Pretty ironic since spring starts in just a few weeks.  BUT, we'll take it - as long as it doesn't stay around too long!

The other night, I worked late, but look at what greeted me in the front yard when I came home!  Ava wasn't out there, but look at this funny guy!  I'm not really sure if it's a man...or a bear...or what it is.  But, I do know that Ava had a great time with Scott, building him (it?)  And that's all that matters! 

Last night my friend Emilie came over, and out of the blue, she asked Ava, "Hey, who's that in your front yard?"  I had a moment of panic before I realized she was asking about the snowman...and not a random man in the front yard.  Doubly scary since just 2 hours earlier, I heard a man's voice on our front porch, and the doorbell never rang.  Turns out the mailman was chatting on his cell, but it freaked me out!  Oh, did I mention Scott's been gone all weekend, so this is the point when little noises become BIG ones in my mind!

Ava was being pretty quiet in her room yesterday morning...I like to appreciate the silence, but I'm always concerned as to WHY there's silence.  This time, that silence produced this...princess dresses all lined up, with their matching accessories and shoes.  LOVE it!  One of my friends (on facebook) labeled this as "OCD Princess" - what a perfect description!  Sadly, her Cinderella dress which has the most accessories just didn't make it into the fashion show this time.

And speaking of fashion...check out this combo. Sleeping Beauty and froggy rain boots!  What style!

Once Scott gets home today, we're going to try to go to the movies as a family.  We thought Dr. Seuss' The Lorax looks pretty cute.  Scott hasn't gone to the movies yet with Ava, so this should be fun.  The next question is...3D or not?  And the most important big of a bag of popcorn will we need with these two popcorn fans?!

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