Sunday, December 18, 2011

Countdown to Christmas!

Another full week filled with fun Christmas activities...Ava helped me make fudge this past Friday night, we had a great drive last night looking at all of the Christmas lights in the area, and today we visited Santa (after a wonderful brunch at Tavern on France.  Where Mommy had a mimosa in preparation for the long line to see Santa.  Thank God for planning...)  After that nice, long event, Scott and Ava took a trip around the mall on the train...I never thought I'd see Scott squeeze into a little train car - but look what he does for his girl!

We've also been having fun counting down the days until Christmas using Santa's beard and cotton balls (there are circles on his beard with a date in each circle - each day, we glue a cotton ball to the beard, and on the 25th, the last circle will be filled!)  This should come in handy as EACH day Ava asks me if we can open presents.  It's never too early to learn patience, right?!

So, Ava did great with Santa today (after our hour+ wait in line.)  Santa asked her if she liked the Princesses (Disney, of course) and when she said yes, he wanted to know which was her favorite.  Her response: Barbie.  WHAT?!  Have we learned nothing over the last year?  Even Scott knows that Barbie is not a DP.  After some more thought, she then changed her answer to Sleeping Beauty.   Next question from Santa: "Have you been good this year?"  Dead silence from all three of us.  And then Ava looks at me to answer.  I wisely kept my mouth shut, but let it be known that Santa didn't miss that exchange!

Oh!  Someone I haven't mentioned lately...George!  George the Elf, that is.  Ava's been having fun searching for him every morning, and reciting the rules back to me (she can't touch him, etc.)  Not sure if she believes he really talks to Santa every night, though...

And BIG news.  We now have a son-in-law.  Apparently Ava and Hermey the Elf have plans to get married.  And she is pretty darn excited about it.  All of his friends have been to our house (and sitting in MY chair at the dinner table.)  And today, Ava was holding my hand, as well as Hermey's, and when Scott tried to displace Hermey so he could hold her hand, she told him no...Scott was instructed to hold Hermey's other hand.  So cute and so funny...and I'm really hoping this isn't what it's like when she really meets the human (or elf) that she will marry!

Enough chatter - bring on the pics!

Two things I like about this - she's gripping the headboard with one finger, and both Cinderella and GloWorm have their arms in the same position.

Crazy static lately!

She barely stood still long enough for me to take this while waiting in line for Santa.

Now, I'm clearly a city girl, but this looked like Ava was helping to deliver a baby from this bear.  I giggled to myself and Scott rolled his eyes at me. :)

Also, the little boy next to her kept asking her what her name was.  After the 5th time, she fondly referred to him as her "little brother" (because he was annoying her?)


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Lisa said...

CUTE picture of Ava and Santa! I can't believe how long her hair is getting! How fun it must be to have an invisible son in law who also happens to be a dentist elf. :) Even with all the craziness, this Christmas season has been fun hasn't it? This is such a fun age!